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Issue - meetings

Polling District Review

Meeting: 10/07/2012 - Council (Item 62)

62 Review of Polling Districts

Supporting documents:


Cllr John Noeken, Cabinet member for Resources presented a report concerning a review of polling districts in line with Section 16 of the Electoral Administration Act 2006 which introduced a requirement for councils to review polling districts and polling places within their Parliamentary constituencies at least every four years.


Council had previously appointed a Working Party to oversee the review and report back to Council, the recommendations from which were presented.


The formal review of all the polling districts and polling stations had only identified a few areas where improvements could be made and a revised schedule of polling districts, polling places and polling stations was circulated and detailed the comments received during the review. 


The Working Party had also looked at polling districts and stations where there were fewer than 150 electors registered and considered that this should be examined further after 2013 in association with the community affected.


In addition to the comments made in the revised schedule at Appendix B to the report, the following amendments were accepted by Council during debate:


1.    ‘no change to existing arrangements’ for Barford St Martin

2.     ‘no change to existing arrangements’ for Sutton Mandeville


Councillors expressed their thanks to officers and members involved in the Working Party and congratulated them on their efforts in overseeing the process and producing the proposals detailed at Appendix B to the report presented.




1.    To adopt the scheme  of polling districts, polling places and polling stations contained in the revised Appendix B as presented subject to there being no change to existing arrangements in respect of Barford St Martin and Sutton Mandeville, to take effect from the May 2013 elections, with authority delegated to the (Acting) Returning Officer to make any urgent and necessary changes should they be needed.


2.    That polling districts and stations with fewer than 150 electors be further examined after 2013 in association with the community affected.




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