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Homelessness Strategy

Meeting: 23/03/2010 - Cabinet (Item 55)

55 Homelessness Strategy

Report by Service Director, Housing

Supporting documents:


Cllr Brady presented the first Wiltshire Council Homelessness Strategy for the period 2010-2015 with a view to Cabinet approving the Strategy for onward recommendation for its adoption by Council. The Strategy set out the Council’s plans for the prevention of homelessness and for securing that sufficient accommodation and support would be available for people who become homeless or who were at risk of becoming so.


All local authorities had a duty to produce a homelessness strategy and the Strategy proposed built on the achievements of the former Wiltshire district council strategies and set a framework for the continued improvement of homelessness services. The Strategy would be revised on an annual basis with an annual update to Cabinet.


Cllr Brady congratulated Angie Rawlins, Head of Housing Options and her team on producing the Strategy and for securing the Council being ranked in  the top quartile of Councils for actions taken to prevent households from becoming homeless.


A discussion ensued on the extremely low figure quoted in the Strategy on the rough sleeper counts noting that the figures were more than likely not representative of the true figure. It was noted that the figures were taken from a survey conducted in accordance with Government guidelines. Cllr Brady added that the Council was not complacent and was doing all it could in conjunction with partners to identify and assist those considered vulnerable.


The Strategy would be updated to include the latest information as at the time of presentation to Council.




That Cabinet recommends that full council approve the updated homelessness strategy 2010/15 and agrees the implementation of the homelessness strategy action plan.


Reason for Decision


The legal requirement imposed upon all local authorities by the Homelessness Act 2002.  It also encourages the continued partnership working with other statutory bodies and voluntary sectors whose work helps prevent homelessness or meet the needs of people who have experienced homelessness.