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Issue - meetings

Rudloe Community Centre

Meeting: 24/05/2012 - Cabinet Capital Assets Committee (Item 24)

24 Rudloe Community Centre

To consider the attached report of the Service Director – Strategy and Commissioning.


Supporting documents:


Councillor John Thomson, Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Communities and Housing, introduced the report which sought initial approval to work with GreenSquare to explore options to re-develop the Rudloe Community Centre in conjunction with GreenSquare’s assets and some Wiltshire Council land in the immediate area.


Councillor Thomson moved an additional recommendation 5, which sought to clarify the arrangements for reporting back to the Capital Assets Committee




1.    To seek approval to work with GreenSquare and the local community to explore options to remodel and to deliver a successful, well used and well resourced community centre


2.    To explore options to use council owned land together with GreenSquare assets to generate funding to enable remodelling of the community centre


3.    To explore options to transfer the ownership of the community centre


4.    To explore opportunities to create wider links in the community e.g. with military personnel and their families.


5.    That a further report will be brought to the Cabinet Capital Assets Committee outlining the outcomes of the further feasibility work and a financial appraisal to show how this will be funded, and to seek approval to any proposals to transfer ownership of and/or remodel the community centre.


Reasons for Decision


The existing layout of the community centre was not fit for purpose and it was not being used as a hub for community activities. New designs could create a layout which would maximise the space within the centre and provide facilities that would benefit different community activities. There was an established community in Rudloe with many local people wanting to see the community centre used to its full potential. 


Rudloe was an area where the community would benefit from a well run, fully functioning community centre.  Data from the 2001 census showed that Rudloe had a high percentage of vacant dwellings, which may be a result of the high turnover of military personnel within the area and a low percentage of ownership. The military accounted for almost 14% of the housing stock and was likely to be associated with a high turnover of population. The second was that of the total housing stock, Rudloe had a high proportion of social housing.


In 2011 the founding and long standing trustees of RCA stood down and a new group had since been formed.  This group was keen to work with the council to find a solution to the current issues.


The proposal could help link Rudloe with the wider community to help create a sustainable community and provide a fully functioning community centre.





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