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Funding Delegated Services

Meeting: 23/02/2010 - Cabinet (Item 33)

Delegation of Services to Town & Parish Councils

Report of the Corporate Director of Neighbourhood and Planning is circulated.


In accordance with Cabinet’s request at its meeting on 15 December 2009, Cllr Tonge presented a report which updated Cabinet on the progress to date with the delegation of services to town and parish councils.


A consultation exercise was undertaken in 2008 involving all 255 town and parish councils and included workshops attended by a number of representatives from interested town and parish councils. Details of the outcomes of this consultation as reported to Corporate and Service Directors in April 2009 were presented.


A Senior Manager had been seconded to progress the project and a Project Initiation Document and work programme had been drawn up, details of which were also presented. The programme included working towards operating a pilot scheme in a town or parish council. Town and parish councils had been canvassed for their interest in participating in the pilot scheme.


A discussion ensued on the types of services which could be more appropriately provided at a more local level; this included allotments and street naming. It was accepted that there might be legal reasons why this Council might need to retain management over the entry of street names on the Land and Property Gazeteer. However, it was hoped that elements of this service could be delegated to town and parish councils with a view to them securing agreement with the various interested parties and presenting the results to this Council to update the Gazeteer accordingly. Cllr Tonge undertook to arrange for a report on this matter to be prepared.




(a)               To note the report and approve the work programme to complete the delegation of services to town and parish  Councils project.


(b)              That the possibility of delegating as much of the street naming

service as possible to town and parish councils be investigated

observing any legal constraints.


Reason for Decision:


To record that updated information has been provided for Cabinet and to agree the future work programme.