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Future Service Delivery for Waste Management

Meeting: 06/11/2012 - Cabinet (Item 123)

123 Future Delivery of the Waste Management Service

  Report by the Service Director Waste Management Services


Supporting documents:


Councillor Toby Sturgis, Cabinet member for Waste, Property, Environment and Development Control Services introduced the report.  The Council were looking at options including more efficient ways to deliver the service and also carrying out benchmarking exercises to ensure that informed decisions were made in respect of options for future service delivery.


Options considered by cabinet are detailed in the report.





To approve:


1.            The draft, updated Wiltshire Council Waste Management Strategy 2012.


2.            The commencement of formal consultation with staff and relevant trade unions on the adoption of new working patterns for the waste collection service.


3.            Development of a business case for the waste collection service for:

(a)          In-house service delivery

(b)          An out-sourced service


4.            Development of a business case for:

(a)          Terminating the FCC Environment waste collection contract in 2014

(b)          Extending the FCC Environment contract to be co-terminus with the Hills contract in 2016


5.          Use of a single service provider to deliver an integrated collection service from 2016.


6.            Development of the detailed business case to tender the provision of the following waste management services as three lots:

(a)          Landfill capacity

(b)          Garden waste composting facility

(c)          Materials recovery facility, transfer stations, wood waste and servicing household recycling centres (rates to be invited for tender and a percentage share of income from sale of recyclable materials).



Reason for the decision


To ensure that the Council continues to deliver sustainable and affordable statutory waste collection and waste disposal services and wider waste management services that will enable achievement of the targets confirmed in the updated Wiltshire Council Waste Management Strategy.