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Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 and Proposed Changes to the Council's Charging Policies

Meeting: 06/11/2012 - Cabinet (Item 126)

126 Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 and Proposed Changes to the Council's Charging Policies

Report by the Service Director Waste Management Services

Supporting documents:


Councillor Toby Sturgis, Cabinet member for Waste, Property, Environment and Development Control Services presented a report which set out changes to the powers of local authorities for making charges for waste collection and disposal as defined in the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012, which  replaced the 1992 Regulations.  The main issue was how to identify the premises that were referenced in the Regulations and work was being undertaken to code these premises accordingly.


The option of not applying charges to organisations where permitted by the legislation had been considered, but pursuing that option would have been counter to the government’s reason for reviewing the legislation.  Not applying charges would result in council tax payers funding the waste management costs of organisations who have a duty to manage their waste.


It was requested that the Council communicates to the organisations that are affected in user-friendly language and that it is explained to them that it is Wiltshire Council’s statutory duty.  Cllr Carole Soden also requested that further communication should also be made to Village Hall committees, copied to Parish Councils and local members, to explain the process.







1        Approve the provision to charge non-domestic organisations for waste collection and disposal in accordance with paragraphs 16 to 32 of the report and any associated actions required to introduce these charges.


2        Approve the harmonisation actions identified in paragraphs 35 to 65 of the report, including the provisions to apply charges where indicated.


3        Communicate in a user-friendly language to all affected organisations, explaining that it is the Council’s statutory duty and also to communicate to Parish Councils via the Parish Newsletter so that they are aware of the process.


Reason for the decision


To ensure that:


(i)       The Council’s waste policies are updated to take account of the new regulations, including harmonisation of anomalies in current practice.


(ii)      The changes to policy prevent council tax payers from funding the costs of waste management for organisations which are responsible for the waste that they produce.