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Business Plan Scorecard Update

Meeting: 12/02/2013 - Cabinet (Item 8)

8 Business Plan Scorecard Update

Report of the Head of Policy, Performance and Corporate Business Management 

Supporting documents:


Councillor John Brady, Cabinet member for Finance, Performance and Risk, introduced the report which provided a summary of progress against Wiltshire Council’s Business Plan for the third quarter of 2012/13.


It was noted that the plan was currently in its second year out of four, and that though external factors such as recent severe weather and the economic downturn might impact on achievement of targets in any one year, the overall four year targets were still expected to be achievable.


At the end of the third quarter, 20 of the remaining 31 indicators were on target, another five were within 5 per cent, and three have no targets set.  Only three indicators were not on target, with none being a priority target. 


In relation to targets not yet met, it was stated that the last transfer of staff to the Cloud service be completed shortly, and that the Wiltshire Online programme to deliver superfast broadband had been delayed at the time of the report to sign the contract, which had now been achieved, and that further information would follow to the Area Boards when available.


It was also highlighted that the results not on target in relation to Children in Care GCSE results and Care Leavers in suitable education, employment or training, were higher than both the national average and statistical neighbours.


After discussion, it was,




That the progress against the Business Plan be noted.