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Induction Programme 2013

Meeting: 26/02/2013 - Council (Item 12)

12 Councillors' Induction Programme 2013

Report of the Director of Law & Governance and Monitoring Officer.

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Cllr Allison Bucknell, Chairman of the Councillor Development Group presented a report which updated Council on the work undertaken to date on the 2013 Councillor Induction Programme, what had been agreed by the Councillor Development Group and the areas still being developed.


The Council noted that the Induction Programme had been split into three strands.  An online e-guide which would be replacing the traditional hardcopy ‘A Handbook for Members’, a councillors quickstart guide and a programme of workshops that made up the induction programme itself.  The induction programme would run from 7 May 2013 to 10 June 2013.


In addition to the initial programme, a suggested programme of learning that would stretch out across the remaining first year and beyond was being created to assist in the continuous development of councillors, committee members and committee chairs.


During debate reference was made to the importance of Councillors taking up training opportunities particularly on quasi judicial functions and the legal responsibilities of being a corporate parent and safeguarding. Members paid tribute to Cllr Bucknell and the Councillor Development team of Councillors and officers for all their work on the induction, in particular, Jay Gascoigne who was co-ordinating the induction programme.




a)    That the actions taken so far in the preparation of the proposed induction programme for 2103, be endorsed, noting that further discussions would take place between Group Leaders and the Corporate Leadership Team before the programme was finalised.


b)   That for those areas where the Council has a quasi judicial role or where there are rights of appeals where costs are incurred, all Councillors and Substitute Members are required to undergo training before serving on those Committees and it shall be the responsibility of their Group Leader for ensuring that this happens.


c)    That all Councillors to undergo training in respect of their responsibilities for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults


d)   That Councillors be encouraged to undertake specific training in relation to the Committees to which they are appointed.