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Update on Salisbury Vision

Meeting: 23/02/2010 - Cabinet (Item 34)

34 Salisbury Vision Update

Report of the Service Director, Economy and Enterprise is circulated


Supporting documents:


In Cllr Brady’s absence, the Leader presented a report which updated Cabinet on the progress of Salisbury Vision since the last report to the Implementation Executive in March 2009.


The report also sought approval of the proposed approach for the delivery of the following three key projects:


  • The Market Place
  • The Maltings and Central Car Park and
  • Churchfields


The Leader read out a letter from Cllr Dalton who in referring to comments made recently by Sir Christopher Benson, sought an assurance that any proposals to redevelop the Market Squarewould allow for the Charter Market and Charter Fair to continue.  The Leader explained that the intention was for the Charter Market to remain in Market Place. As far as the future of the Charter Fair was concerned, this would be discussed by the Salisbury Vision Board, Salisbury City Council and the local Area Board.




That the Cabinet:


(a)               note the progress of Salisbury Vision, especially in relation to the delivery of the Market Place, the Maltings and Central Car Park and Churchfields projects;


(b)              approve the recommended approach for taking the three key projects forward as set out in Table 1, Table 2 and in section 3.3 of the report presented and.


(c)               delegate authority to the Director, Economy and Enterprise, in consultation with Cllr Brady, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Planning and Housing to progress the three key projects as detailed; to be brought back to the Cabinet for key updates and decisions, as required.


Reasons for Decision


The Implementation Executive meeting on 16 March 2009 requested further detail on the delivery timetable and approach on the three key projects. This report provides an update on progress and seeks the Cabinet’s support for the recommended approach including indicative delivery programmes for each project being developed by Salisbury Vision.


To ensure the Cabinet is in full support as we move into the implementation phase.