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Municipal Waste Management (Landfill Diversion Contract)

Meeting: 23/03/2010 - Cabinet (Item 64)

Municipal Waste Management (Landfill Diversion Contract) - Part II

To consider the attached confidential report



(Exempt paragraph 3 – Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information)


Cllr Sturgis presented a confidential report of the Corporate Director, Economic Development, Planning and Housing on municipal waste disposal addressing the Landfill Diversion Contract.




That the Cabinet:


(a)        authorises the Service Director Waste Management to conclude negotiation of the proposed contract with Hills Waste Solutions Limited on terms to be approved by the Leader of the Cabinet in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Waste, Property and Environment and the Cabinet Member for Finance, Performance and Risk after receiving advice from the Solicitor to the Council, the Chief Finance Officer and the Director of Neighbourhood and Planning; and


 (b)      authorises the Chief Executive to complete the certification requirements of the Local Government (Contracts) Act 1997 in respect of the proposed contract (including the direct agreement with the funders) subject to its award in accordance with its proposal set out in paragraph (a) above.


Reason for Proposal


The Council could incur substantial additional costs if the targets for diversion of waste from landfill are not achieved.  Proposing the signing of the contract with Hills for the delivery of 60,000 tonnes each year of MSW to the proposed MBT plant at Westbury and the subsequent delivery of at least 20,000 tonnes each year of SRF to an energy recovery plant reduces this risk.