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Location of Standards Committee meetings

Meeting: 10/03/2010 - Standards Committee (old regime) (Item 24)

24 Venues of Standards Committee Hearings

Report by the Head of Governance

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The Chairman explained that Trowbridge was not always the most appropriate venue for the local determination of complaints and the report recommended that hearings in respect of town and parish councillors could be held locally to enable local residents to attend the hearings should they choose to do so.  It also recommended that hearings in respect of Wiltshire Councillors should still be held in County Hall unless there were any exceptional circumstances.


A debate ensued during which it was agreed that both town and parish member and Wiltshire Council member hearings should be held locally in the interest of openness and transparency.




1.                  Subject to availability of “hub” venues within the statutory timescales, to conduct local determination hearings, for both Town and Parish and Wiltshire Councillors, in the Wiltshire Council “hub” office most local to where subject member has been elected.


2.                  To allow flexibility in these arrangements to accommodate exceptional circumstances, such as the special needs of the subject member or key witnesses.