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Future Contractual Arrangements for the Provision of Care and Support to People at Home

Meeting: 22/06/2010 - Cabinet (Item 99)

99 Future Contractual Arrangements for the Provision of Care and Support to People at Home

Report by the Corporate Director of Community Services.

Supporting documents:


Cllr John Thomson, Cabinet member for Adult Care, Communities and Libraries presented a report which sought approval to proceed with the procurement of care and support services for people receiving social care support (in their own homes) from the Council.


This was in line with the Council’s procurement efficiency savings plans whereby the Department for Community Services was committed to the significant reorganisation of service delivery with the main driver being to improve outcomes for individuals but would also release cash savings for the Council.


Currently, the Council purchased services which enabled people to continue living in their own homes from approximately 300 different service providers. These services were all commissioned and contracted separately. The intention was to bring these services into one service specification which would help to deliver efficiencies in service delivery and provide an improved customer experience from greater continuity of care.


Cllr Thomson explained that if approved, a project team would progress the arrangements. He also confirmed that the Council would be able to support organisations and the voluntary sector and encourage them to work together to provide services in  their community areas.


Cllr Moss asked a number of questions on behalf of the Wiltshire Blind Association to which Cllr Thomson replied.




That Cabinet


a)         agree to undertake an agreed procurement process for the securing of contracts with key strategic service providers who will work with the Council to deliver the objectives of the ‘Help to Live at Home’(HTLAH) project. (Contracts woul be phased in from April 2011.)


b)                 delegates authority to the Corporate Director of Community Services (DCS) in consultation with the Cabinet member for Adult Care, Communities and Libraries to authorise the final, agreed procurement approach.


c)                 agree that approval of Legal and the Corporate Procurement Unit be sought and granted before any procurement approach is undertaken.


d)                 agree that the procurement process is reported to and monitored by both the Transformation Steering Group (TSG) in DCS and the Corporate Procurement and Commissioning Board.



Reasons for Decision


A number of existing contracts including those for the provision of domiciliary care end in April 2011.  In accordance with the Council’s Contract Regulations these contracts are required to be let.


In addition there is evidence to support the view that:


·  By extending the range of services provided; and moving to outcome based models of delivery, services to the customer will be improved and;


·  Efficiencies will be achieved through the rationalisation of suppliers/ providers.


Please refer to the report for the full text of reasons for the decision.