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Wiltshire Council’s Housing Board Annual Report

Meeting: 15/03/2016 - Cabinet (Item 36)

36 Wiltshire Council’s Housing Board Annual Report

Report by Maggie Rae, Corporate Director


Supporting documents:


Councillor Jonathon Seed, Cabinet Member for Housing, introduced Cllr Richard Clewer, Chairman of the Housing Board, who presented an update regarding the activities of Wiltshire Council’s Housing Board.

The issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: that the Board was satisfied with the performance and the progress made; the work that had been undertaken with regards to the risk register; that the Board was waiting to see the results of the Housing Act, and would assess the implications; that the Board would be reviewing the key performance indicators; the environmental improvement works already underway; how tenants are consulted and engaged with by the Board; how departments of the council, and external partners, coordinate their debt recovery to assist tenants in managing their circumstances better.



To note the annual report.


Reasons for Decision:

Wiltshire Council’s Housing Board’s Terms of Reference require an Annual Report to be presented to Cabinet.





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