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Laptop Hardware Replacement Programme

Meeting: 19/04/2016 - Cabinet (Item 51)

51 Laptop Estate Refresh

 Report by Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director

Supporting documents:


 Cllr Stuart Wheeler, Cabinet Member for ICT, presented a report which sought approval for the spend, and the commencement of a project to replace all Windows 7 laptops in scope with Windows 10 laptops within the Wiltshire Council estate, along with the associated 3rd party services that were required to assist with the provisioning of new laptops and the reselling, recycling or disposal of old laptops.


Issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: that hardware options had been tested by users, compatibility with existing software and applications was also being tested how issues of access, security and equalities would be dealt with.  A discussion ensued on the ICT needs of members which would continue to be explored.


Cllr Dick Tonge, Cabinet Member for Finance, stated that issues in relation to the possible disposal of hardware to the community had been explored. However, the disposal programme as detailed in the report, represented the best logistical, secure and value for money outcome but would continue to be considered and taken into account within the business case.


Cllr Dick Tonge also proposed two additional recommendations in relation to developing the business plan to take account of mobile working and expansion of the MyWiltshire App which Cllr Stuart Wheeler accepted.




1.    To invest in new laptops to replace the aging current devices and to take advantage of new mobile functionality.


2.    To delegate powers to enter into a contract to purchase new laptops incorporating supply, build, deploy the new devices and dispose of the old devices, to the Associate Director, People and Business and Cabinet member for Hubs, Governance, Support Services, Heritage & Arts and Customer Care  in conjunction with the Section 151 Officer.


3.    To develop a business plan that evaluates mobile working across all aspects of the Council that results in an action plan that shows potential savings with initial feedback in October 2016.


4.    To develop a business plan that evaluates the use of the MyWiltshire App across all aspects of the Council that results in an action plan that shows the advantages to residents and potential savings with initial feedback in October 2016.


Reasons for Decision


The increasing failure rate of laptops is beginning to have an impact on costs and operational support as well as disruption to council staff. To take full advantage of the Windows 10 operating system we need a new laptop estate that will meet the needs of the majority of staff and still be a cost effective solution. Bringing in Windows 10 will allow us to engage with the Disability Forum, Information Assurance and HR to understand how we can then deploy the same council build to devices other than those proposed to be purchased e.g. tablets.