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Issue - meetings

Report on Treasury Management Strategy 2016-17 – First Quarter ended 30 June 2016

Meeting: 13/09/2016 - Cabinet (Item 107)

107 Report on Treasury Management Strategy 2016-17 – First Quarter ended 30 June 2016

Report by Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Dick Tonge presented the report which summarised the quarterly performance against the agreed Treasury Management Strategy. In giving his presentation, Councillor Tonge highlighted: that the performance was in line with the strategy; what the limited exposure to the Lender option borrower option (LOBO) loans and Icelandic banks was; and that the Capital Programme would be reviewed for affordability.


In response to a question from Councillor Glenis Ansell the Chair of Financial Planning Task Group, the s151 officer, Michael Hudson stated that the Council had been able to recover slightly more money from the Icelandic banks than expected, but was not much more than projected.

The Leader acknowledged the significant role played by the Local Government Association in supporting Councils in pursing their investments from Icelandic banks through the courts.



To note that the contents of this report are in line with the Treasury Management Strategy.


Reason for Decision:


To give members an opportunity to consider the performance of the Council in the period to the end of the quarter against the parameters set out in the approved Treasury Management Strategy for 2016-17.




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