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Performance Management and Risk Outturn Report: Q3 2016/17

Meeting: 14/03/2017 - Cabinet (Item 31)

31 Performance Management and Risk Outturn Report: Q3 2016/17

Report by Dr Carlton Brand and Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Directors

Supporting documents:


Councillor Dick Tonge presented a report which provided an update on third quarter outturns against the measures and activities compiled and reported through the council’s website via the Citizens’ Dashboard and other key measures, as well as latest outturns on the council’s strategic risk register.


In presenting the report, Councillor Tonge, and other Cabinet members, drew attention to areas where performance had improved such as: increasing usage of leisure centres and libraries; reductions in residual waste created; and increases in employment in the County.


In response to an issue raised by Councillor Jon Hubbard, officers agreed to consider how the wording in relation to the risks associated to safeguarding could be more sensitively worded.




To note updates and outturns:


1.    Against the measures and activities ascribed against the council’s key outcomes.


2.    To the strategic risk register.


Reason for Decision:


The performance framework compiles and monitors outturns in relation to the outcomes laid out in Wiltshire Council’s Business Plan. The framework is distilled from individual services’ delivery plans. In doing so, it captures the main focus of activities of the council against each outcome.


The strategic risk register captures and monitors significant risks facing the council: in relation to significant in-service risks facing individual areas, in managing its business across the authority generally and in assuring our preparedness should a national risk event occur.




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