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Revenue Budget - Budget Monitoring Reports Period 7 2016/2017

Meeting: 13/12/2016 - Cabinet (Item 149)

149 Revenue Budget Report

Report by Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Director

Supporting documents:


Councillor Dick Tonge presented the report which advised members of the revenue budget monitoring position as at the end of period 7 (end of October 2016) for the financial year 2016/2017 with suggested actions as appropriate.


Issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: the impact of the revaluation of NNDR, and how it was managed; that a briefing note would be published to make the financial position clearer; the proposals to increase some charging which will increase income; the costs for transporting children for education, and the options that seek to address this.


Councillor Glenis Ansell, Chair of the Task Group, stated that efforts to address projected overspends were being made, but that concerns remained over the use of reserves to address a proportion of this.


In response to an issue raised by Councillor Jon Hubbard, it was noted that with regard to the budget for agency costs in relation to Children’s services, that the financial predictions had been realistic but that there had been an unexpected rise in numbers of looked after children.


The Leader stated, in general terms, that it was worth noting that the Council’s budgets were large and complex; that it was therefore hard to predict and plan budgets; that it would be very unusual if there were no movements; and that the Council would always have to take actions to monitor them throughout the year.




1.     To note the outcome of the period 7 (end of October) budget monitoring and to approve all budget virements outlined in the report.


2.     To approve the increase in leisure fees and charges, as set out at Appendix E in the report presented, from 1 February 2017.


Reason for Decision:


To inform effective decision making and ensure a sound financial control environment.