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Sherston: Land North of Sopworth Road

Meeting: 15/11/2016 - Cabinet Capital Assets Committee (Item 58)

58 Sherston: Land North of Sopworth Road

 Report by Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


*   Councillor Fleur de Rhé-Philipe presented the report which sought an agreement that, inthe event that the SherstonNeighbourhood Plan, support be given to theallocation of developmentof theland north of Sopworth Road,Sherston, and toseek authorityto enter into and complete alandtransaction with the owner, a condition of whichwill be theprovision of land for a replacement GP Surgery.


Issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: the desire to support local parish and community in acquiring land for health facilities; and that the decision would give flexibility if other conditions are met.




That inthe event thatthe Neighbourhood Planis made and itallocateslandnorth ofSopworth Road, Sherstonfor development to:


1.    Enter into and complete alandtransaction with the owner to enabledevelopmentto takeplace inaccordancewith the Neighbourhood Planon terms to be agreed, subjectto consultationwith the Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Skills, StrategicTransportand StrategicProperty.


2.    Include in the transaction an area of land sufficient to providea GPSurgery.


In thefurther event that theCCG confirms long-term funding provision for the GP Surgery in Sherston to:


3.    Sell the landfor the replacement GP Surgery to a developer, the doctors themselves, or someother thirdparty, with the saleagreementprovidingfor the constructionof the facility.


4.    Reviewthe decision in5 years’time in the eventthatthe construction ofthe replacement GP Surgeryhas not beensecured.


Reason for Decision:


Tosupport the ambitions of theSherstoncommunityin the preparation of itsNeighbourhoodPlan and, inthe event that the ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plan includesthe developmentofthe land northof Sopworth Road Sherston,to facilitateits delivery.