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Wiltshire Playing Pitch Strategy

Meeting: 07/02/2017 - Cabinet (Item 21)

21 Wiltshire Playing Pitch Strategy

 Report by Dr Carlton Brand and Carolyn Godfrey, Corporate Directors.

Supporting documents:


*           Councillor Jonathon Seed presented the report which considers the background and context to the development of the Council’s first Playing Pitch Strategy, which comprised four documents; the Wiltshire Playing Pitch Strategy; the Action Plan; the Community Area Profiles; the full needs assessment. Cabinet was requested to formally adopt the Wiltshire Playing Pitch Strategy and associated documents that would be used in decision making and to inform the development of planning policy.


In presenting the report, Councillor Seed stated that: the document and maps would be updated as further information was received; that the link between sport and health was key; and that he would be happy to consider any specific issues raised by Members as part of this process.




a)           To formally adopt the Wiltshire Playing Pitch Strategy, Action Plan, Community Area Profiles and Needs Assessment to inform decision making and policy development.


b)           That the Strategy Development Steering Group is to evolve into the body overseeing the Playing Pitch Strategy on behalf of the Council and reporting to the relevant Cabinet officers on an annual basis, with an annual report to be provided to Environment Select Committee.  This group to be renamed the Wiltshire Playing Pitch Strategy Implementation Group.


Reasons for Decisions:


A Playing Pitch Strategy for Wiltshire is an important document that underpins the core strategy and provides robust evidence for organisations such as Sport England who are statutory consultees in the planning process. Whilst not a statutory requirement in itself, the Playing Pitch Strategy is vital in providing an informed evidence base for the protection and future development of formal outdoor space.


The Playing Pitch Strategy will help to influence a variety of local authority functions, policy development and decision making in respect of the community playing pitch stock, including planning policy and planning applications, educational provision, funding, facility and asset management, development of pitch based sports, public health and the management and maintenance of provision.


The presence of a Playing Pitch Strategy is seen as best practice by the Department for Culture Media and Sport and Sport England.





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