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Performance Management and Risk Outturn Report: Q1 2017/18

Meeting: 12/09/2017 - Cabinet (Item 108)

108 Performance Management and Risk Outturn Report: Q1 2017/18

Report by the Corporate Directors, Dr Carlton Brand, Alistair Cunningham Carolyn Godfrey and Terence Herbert


Supporting documents:


Councillor Philip Whitehead presented the report which provided an update on the progress against the stated aims in the council’s Business Plan. It also included measures and activities reported on the Citizens’ Dashboard and other key measures, as well as the latest version of the council’s strategic risk register. The report covered the period April to June 2017.


In presenting the report, Councillor Whitehead highlighted the areas of good performance and those that required some attention; he also explained the new approach to the classification of risk that it was hoped would enable better ownership of higher risk areas.


Councillor Whitehead expressed his significant concern as to the negative impact on the Wiltshire and Swindon arising from  the unduly negative picture painted by the recent Channel 4 programme following police in the area.


Following a short debate, the meeting;




To note updates and outturns


1.    Against the measures and activities ascribed against the council’s key outcomes; and


2.    To the strategic risk register.


Reason for Decision:


The current performance framework compiles and monitors outturns in relation to the outcomes laid out in Wiltshire Council’s Business Plan 2013-17. The framework is distilled from individual services’ delivery plans. In doing so, it captures the main focus of activities of the council against each outcome.

The strategic risk register captures and monitors significant risks facing the council: in relation to significant in-service risks facing individual areas, in managing its business across the authority generally and in assuring our preparedness should a national risk event occur.