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Adoption Agency Annual Update 2017

Meeting: 03/07/2017 - Cabinet (Item 95)

95 Adoption Agency Annual Update 2017

Report by the Corporate Director, Carolyn Godfrey.

Supporting documents:


Councillor Laura Mayes presented the report which provided  a year-end report to Cabinet regarding the performance of the Adoption Service within Wiltshire Council. It was noted that this was a requirement of the condition of registration as described in 2014 Adoption Minimum Standards and 2013 Statutory Guidance that Cabinet is satisfied that the Adoption Agency complies with the conditions of registration, is effective and is achieving good outcomes for children.


Councillor Mayes, in her presentation, highlighted the performance of the service against indicators such as the number of children adopted and the length of time that children waited in care. She also gave examples of the families she had met and commended the care given to them.


Councillor Ian Thorn commended the officers and the Lead Member for their progress in this area.


The Leader added her thanks, and commended the team for their attitude to seeking loving homes for even the most difficult to place children with complex needs.




That the contents of this report are noted and accepted.


Reason for Decision:


Wiltshire Council is an Adoption Agency registered with Ofsted. The 2014 Adoption Minimum Standards (25.6) and 2013 Statutory Guidance (3.93 and 5.39) describe the information that is required to be regularly reported to the executive side of the local authority to provide assurance that the adoption agency is complying with the conditions of registration whilst being effective  and achieving good outcomes for children and service users. This is done by means of an annual report and an interim six month report.