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Business Plan

Meeting: 03/07/2017 - Cabinet (Item 97)

97 Draft Business Plan

 Report by the Corporate Directors, Carolyn Godfrey and Dr Carlton Brand.


Supporting documents:


The Leader presented the report, including the additional information published in the supplement, which gave an overview of the feedback received following the consultation on the draft Business Plan.


Issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: the changes suggest for incorporation following comments from consultees; the views expressed at the Overview & Scrutiny Committee; that some issues would be addressed through the development of detailed action plans; the difficulties in long-term financial planning given the uncertainty over national government’s spending plans; that there were plans for further integration between health and social care services but this did not include joint budgets.


In response to question from Councillor Sarah Gibson, Councillor Toby Sturgis stated that he was happy to discuss further the aspiration of longer term planning for communities.


In response to issues raised by Councillor Ian Thorn, the Leader stated that she would be open to discuss amendments to the plan, but these should be discussed prior to the meeting of full council so that their viability could be properly assessed.




That the update plan be recommended to Council for adoption.


Reason for Decision:


To enable the Business Plan to be considered by Council at its meeting in July.

Meeting: 21/06/2017 - Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee (Item 57)

57 Wiltshire Council Draft Business Plan 2017-2027

On 20 June 2017 the Cabinet will receive the attached report on the draft Business Plan. The Management Committee, and other key partners, is being asked to provide feedback on the draft plan to be reviewed by Cabinet on 3 July 2017, in preparation for a final draft to be considered at Full Council on 11 July 2017 for approval.


A procedure note will follow on how it is proposed the Committee scrutinise the item.

Supporting documents:


The Business Plan is a policy framework document which sets the council’s strategic direction, priorities and key actions. The last Business Plan was approved at the start of the previous council’s term and ran from 2013-2017. A new draft Business Plan had been prepared by the administration following the May 2017 local elections, with a plan period of 2017-2027.


The Leader of the Council, Baroness Scott of Bybrook OBE, presented the draft plan along with a report received by Cabinet on 20 June 2017. She explained that the draft plan built on and extended the vision and goals of the previous plans, focusing on the key priorities of building stronger communities, a growing economy and protecting the vulnerable. The draft plan also provided a framework to ensure the council delivers on its priorities, with regularly reviewed multi-year service plans and quarterly updated financial models.


It was explained that Cabinet would be reconsidering the draft plan in light of any comments from Overview and Scrutiny as well as other partners on 3 July 2017, ahead of consideration by Council on 11 July 2017.


The Committee then discussed the draft Business Plan and sought additional details from the Leader and senior officers on how the draft plan would deliver the key priorities, as contained the report appended to these minutes. In particular it was noted that the Business Plan had been produced following the election and therefore not much time was allotted for scrutiny, and that the context of the plan in conjunction with the medium term financial strategy was of continued reductions in government grants.


Other issues included questions on future plans to integrate health and social care services and transformation of adult care, details on apprenticeship growth, and arrangements for asset transfers to town and parish councils, including any potential for detailed guidance on best practice and level of assets recommended to be taken on at that level.




1)    That the Committee is satisfied with the time and opportunity it has had to scrutinise the draft Business Plan 2017-21 and notes that the Plan will now go forward to Cabinet and Council for approval.


2)    That Cabinet be asked to take note of the comments of the Committee as detailed in a report to be approved by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.




Meeting: 20/06/2017 - Cabinet (Item 79)

79 Business Plan

A report from the Corporate Directors is attached.

Supporting documents:


The Leader presented the report which present the council’s draft Business Plan for 2017-27 which, itself, sets the council’s overarching strategy for the next ten years.


Issues highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: the consultation to be undertaken with Overview and Scrutiny and the Public Services Board; the continuity with previous plans, including the priorities; that the plan sets out the aspirations for the plan; how links to action orientated service plans may be made explicit; the role of partnership working, devolution, volunteering and digitalisation will play; the opportunities for the council to charge for certain services on a commercial basis; and the opportunities to build capacity with partners and the community to enable them to deliver more.


Councillor Ian Thorn stated that whilst he applauded the aspirations of the plan, he would have liked to have seen financial information underpinning the plans sustainability. In response, the Leader stated there would be a financial plan produced in conjunction with the Business Plan. In response to an issues raised by Councillor Thorn, the Leader stated that the issue of Carbon Reduction was integral to the business and decisions of the council and did not require a separate reference in the plan.


In response to issues raised by Councillor Gavin Grant, the Leader stated that the Local Enterprise Board had identified three new stations, Corsham, Royal Wootton Bassett, and Wilton, as being of strategic importance to bid for capital money from central government; and that the issue of a purpose built University for Wiltshire was a clear aspiration for the County but one that could only be achieved through significant funding from a business partner and existing university.






To agree to seek feedback on the draft Business Plan from Overview and Scrutiny and other key partners; and


To agree to review feedback at its next meeting on 3 July, in preparation for a final draft to be considered at Full Council on 11 July 2017.


Reason for Decision:


To enable views to be submitted as part of the consultation process.