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Military Civilian Integration (MCI) Partnership Update

Meeting: 10/10/2017 - Cabinet (Item 131)

131 Military Civilian Integration (MCI) Partnership Update

Report by Alistair Cunningham, Corporate Director.

Supporting documents:


The Leader presented the report which provided an update on the important milestones that have been reached through partnership working and the support of the MCI Partnership since the last update report to Cabinet made in 2016.


In presenting the report, the Leader highlighted: the relaunch of the Wiltshire Covenant; the Army Basing programme and the continuing efforts to promote issues amongst the wider community.


The Leader made special mention of the recent national award given to the Council in recognition of the efforts to support the Forces community.


The Leader specifically commended the work of Kevin Ladner, Emily Higson and Nicky Dyer in supporting the programme of work.


Following the end of the item, the meeting;




i)       To confirms its support for the Military Civilian Integration (MCI) Programme, and endorses the approach being taken to delivery of the MCI Workstreams set out by the MCI Board; and


ii)     To note:


a.    The progress and way forward on the Army Basing Programme;


b.    The Wiltshire’s Armed Forces Community Covenant (which was relaunched in March 2017) and success in drawing down significant covenant grant funding to support local integration projects;


c.    The Cooperation with the MOD - DIO in submitting the Round 6 of the One Public Estate bid, to be apprised of the various MCI award applications / bids submitted by Wiltshire Council in the past 12 months; and


d.     The continued cooperation with the MOD in identifying and progressing the opportunities that military presence can bring to boost the economy of Wiltshire.


Reason for Decision:


The military has a significant presence in Wiltshire, and the nature of this presence will change dramatically over the coming years. It is important that the Council recognises the impacts that military presence will have on Wiltshire, both in terms of the opportunities that this will offer for economic growth, and the preparations that the Council is required to make to ensure that the needs of everyone in Wiltshire are met.

Cabinet is invited to recognise the achievements that have already been made with the support of the MCI Partnership, such as the relaunch of the Wiltshire AF Covenant, the Army Basing programme and ongoing success of The Enterprise Network in supporting military leavers and spouses, while acknowledging that there will be further challenges ahead, whose successful resolution will require the support of the Council working closely with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and other partners.