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Income Generation - Advertising

Meeting: 27/03/2018 - Cabinet (Item 207)

207 Income Generation - Advertising

 Reportby Dr Carlton Brand, CorporateDirector

Supporting documents:


 Councillor John Thomson presented the report which set out proposals to adopt a more commercial approach in line with the council’s 10 year Business Plan - to generate income through third party advertising opportunities.


Councillor Stuart Wheeler, as chairman of the Scrutiny Task Group, presented their recommendations and highlighted the need for flexibility when contracts were awarded to allow for them to be brought back inhouse as appropriate more easily. In response, Councillor Thomson stated that he was happy to incorporate this more explicitly in proposals to Cabinet.



Matters highlighted in the course of the presentation and discussion included: how best to promote local businesses and charities as appropriate through the application of the policy; the lessons to be learnt from other councils; and the opportunities for working with local parish and town partners in the promotion of devolved land for advertising.




1.     To approve the policy for third party advertising, noting that the draft policy has been shaped and developed by an Overview and Scrutiny Third Party Advertising Task Group to ensure that it reflects the vision, priorities and values of the council (Appendix 1).


2.     To thank the Task Group for their work; and to note, in reference to recommendation 6 b) from the Task Group, the potential advantages of being able to bring the function inhouse when appropriate without significant complication or delay (through an appropriate contract).


3.     To approve the procurement of an external provider to secure third party advertising, on behalf of the council:


a.     Third party advertising income is a new venture for the council and to secure the income commercial expertise, specialist skills and capacity is required that the council does not currently have.   


b.     There is also the requirement to deliver the income generation targets in the budget timelines for 2018/19 (circa: £150,000).


c.     The specification to contract an appropriate provider will require careful consideration to ensure that it can capitalise on the opportunities available and adhere to the vision, priorities and values of the council.


Reasons for Decision:


Wiltshire Council has to become more business-like and find opportunities to generate additional income.


£25 million of savings have to be found in 2018/19 and the communities and communications department has a target to generate an additional £1.2 million, of which, £150,000 has been aligned to advertising and better utilisation of space in the council’s community campuses and hubs.


The council has a substantial asset base; including buildings, livery, street scene facilities such as lampposts, roundabouts and digital channels. These assets provide an opportunity to reach a wide range of audiences through third party advertising and as an outcome generate additional revenue income.