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Service Devolution & Asset Transfer Package - Devizes

Meeting: 15/01/2019 - Cabinet (Item 7)

7 Service Devolution & Asset Transfer Package - Devizes

         Report by Corporate Director Alistair Cunningham.  Report to follow.      


Supporting documents:


Cllr Richard Clewer presented a report recommending a final package of services and assets to transfer to Devizes Town Council from Wiltshire Council and provided information relating to the financial impact this would have on Wiltshire Council.


Cllr Clewer detailed the final package of the services and assets to be transferred, in particular, that the current parking spaces in the Market Place would be removed and that all Section 106 monies held or due to Wiltshire Council relating to assets within Devizes Town boundary would be transferred to the Town Council.


In response to questions from Cllr Thorn about Section 106 monies and capacity of the Council’s legal team to undertake the additional work, Cllr Clewer confirmed that Section 106 monies would be transferred to the Town Council and that the legal team were currently appointing additional staff to help with the process.


Cllr Peter Evans suggested that the transfer of the services and assets be completed over an extended timeframe that would help the Town Council adopt to the additional workloads.  Cllr Clewer explained that the officer team involved in the transfer had had significant contact with the Town Council over a long period and he was confident that the original timescales could be met, however, a phased approach could be employed if necessary. 


The Cabinet heard from Simon Fisher, Devizes Town Council Town Clerk, who welcomed the transfer of services and assets, although he expressed the concerns of the Town Council in relation to the proposed removal of parking in the Market place. He noted that the transition would have to be managed sensitively to avoid issues for residents and visitors.  The Leader suggested that the Town Council works closely with Highways Officers and other interested parties to deliver a smooth transition.


Cllr Clewer and Cllr Whitehead thanked members of Devizes Town Council for their involvement in securing the transfer of services and assets detailed in the report.




1)    The final list of services and assets listed that will be transferred to Devizes Town Council be approved.  The inclusion of any open space land is subject to consideration of any objections received following the advertising of the disposal in accordance with statutory obligations.


2)    Agree to the transfer of the Market Place Carpark with all associated conditions being met by the Town Council.

3)    Note the net revenue impact to the Council and acknowledge that the Service Devolution programme benefits of cost savings and avoidance will be realised on a cumulative basis as the programme progresses and as more Towns/Parishes complete the process.


4)    Delegate the implementation of the transfer of assets and the service delegation to the Growth & Investment Programme Director in consultation with Cabinet Member for Housing, Corporate Services, Arts, Heritage and Tourism.



Reason for Decision:


To complete the transfer of the package of assets and services to Devizes Town Council.