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Corporate Property Energy Efficiency and Generation Programme

Meeting: 08/10/2019 - Cabinet (Item 137)

137 Wiltshire Council Carbon Reduction - Corporate Property Energy Efficiency and Generation Programme

    Report by Executive Director Alistair Cunningham OBE.


Supporting documents:


Item 11 on the agenda was taken in advance of Item 10.


The Leader invited questions from the public on a report proposing a new energy efficiency and generation investment for the operational property estate as part of the council response to the Climate Emergency.


Peter Cousins asked questions as detailed in the agenda supplement and verbal responses were provided as attached to these minutes. In response to a supplementary question, it was confirmed that there were further plans for energy generation in the future.


Bill Jarvis read a statement which noted there was a long way to go to hit government targets on carbon emissions and Wiltshire’s ambitions. Mr Jarvis expressed concern the development in the county will contribute to the climate problems and encouraged all departments in the council to work together on tackling this issue.


Cllr Richard Clewer, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member, advised there was a proposal to invest £5.2million initially in the OperationalProperty Energy Efficiency and Generation Programme. It was intended that a fully-researched Strategy would be available in 2020 on how to deliver a carbon-neutral Wiltshire.


All Wiltshire councillors were invited to speak and it was noted that windpower should be considered for electricity generation and new energy-efficient criteria should be used for new Wiltshire Council buildings.


Cllr Graham Wright, Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, reassured that all points raised were also being considered by the Task Group.




To recommend to Full Council the addition of £5.2m capital funding to the Councils 2020 to 2023 Capital Programme to deliver the Operational Property Energy Efficiency and Generation Programme as a step towards achieving carbon neutrality for its operational property portfolio.


To note that a full business case for canopy-based solar panels at all viable Park and Ride sites will be presented to Cabinet for subsequent approval and to approve a provisional capital allocation of £3.5m from Councils 2020 to 2023 Capital Programme.


Reason for decision:


To deliver capital investment in the council’s operational property which delivers carbon savings, cost reduction and delivers progress towards carbon neutrality for the council’s Operational Asset Portfolio.

To develop an outline business case for a pathfinder project for canopy-based solar panels at viable park and ride sites to achieve ‘proof of concept’ off site carbon reduction project.