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Service Devolution & Asset Transfer Package - Bradford on Avon

Meeting: 24/03/2020 - Cabinet (Item 41)

41 Service Devolution & Asset Transfer Package - Bradford on Avon

*                 Report by Chief Executive Officer – Place – Alistair Cunningham


Supporting documents:


Cllr Richard Clewer,. Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, Heritage, Arts, Tourism, Housing, Climate Change and Military-Civilian Integration introduced the report detailing the final package of the services and assets to be transferred to Bradford on Avon Town Council and the financial impact on Wiltshire Council.


Cllr Clewer referred to an update to the original report and explained that following discussions and ongoing negotiations with Bradford on Avon Town Council, that the transfer of the cemetery service and assets is delayed until the finer details have been agreed. It is proposed that the transfer of all other elements of the package still proceeds with an estimated transfer of early Summer 2020 with the cemetery service and assets following on as soon as reasonably practicable.


The Cabinet heard from Cllr Sarah Gibson, who explained that the Town Council was pleased with the outcome of the negotiations and process undertaken.




1.    To approve the list of services and assets that will be transferred to Bradford on Avon Town Council. The inclusion of any open space land is subject to consideration of any objections received following the advertising of the disposal in accordance with statutory obligations.


2.    Delegate authority to the Growth and Investment Director following consultation with the Head of Estate and Development to remove assets from the final list if site constraints/legal issues are revealed as part of the detailed due diligence process


3.    Note the net revenue impact to the Council and acknowledge that the Service Devolution programme benefits of cost savings and avoidance will be realised on a cumulative basis as the programme progresses and as more Towns/Parishes complete the process.


4.    Delegate the implementation of the transfer of assets and the service delegation to the Growth & Investment Director in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Housing, Corporate Services, Arts, Heritage and Tourism,


5.    To acknowledge and approve the delayed transfer of the Cemetery Service and associated assets to Bradford on Avon Town Council until such time as the particulars are agreed.


Reason for Decision:


To complete the transfer of the package of assets and services to Bradford on

Avon Town Council.




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