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Proposed New Waste and Recycling Collection Services for Wiltshire

Meeting: 19/10/2010 - Cabinet (Item 146)

146 Transformation of Waste and Recycling Collections

A report by the Corporate Director, Department of Neighbourhood & Planning is attached.

Supporting documents:


Cllr Toby Sturgis, Cabinet Member for Waste, Property and Environment presented a report which:


a)      reported the results of the public consultation on transformation of waste collection and recycling services carried out during June, July and August 2010;


b)           sought agreement to implementation of the proposal;


c)            updated Cabinet on the details of the proposal, and sought agreement of key policies for the new services. 


Cllr Sturgis explained that the transformation of waste and recycling proposals had been long awaited and delayed primarily as a result of the General Election in May on the basis that a change in Government could bring about national changes. He also reminded Cabinet that the harmonisation of waste service was a commitment in the Council’s bid for one Council for Wiltshire.


Cllr Sturgis guided Cabinet through the proposals and the responses and response rates from the consultation exercise.


It was noted that the Chairman and members of the Waste Task Group had been invited to this meeting to participate in the discussion. Cllr Chris Humphries, Chairman of the Task Group indicated that he was content with the proposals being presented.


Councillors expressed their appreciation for the enormous amount hard work in bringing this project to fruition in particular to Cllrs Sturgis and Conley, members of the Task Group and officers. Cabinet added its personal thanks to Tracy Carter, Service Director for Waste Management Services for her dedication and exceptional management of the project.




That Cabinet:


(a)       notes the results of the public consultation “Waste Collection and Recycling – Proposing a first class service for all households in Wiltshire” carried out during June, July and August 2010, and agrees to the implementation of that proposal;


(b)       notes that implementation of the proposal requires management of a number of significant risks, in particular the procurement and development of waste management sites, the availability of depot space for additional vehicles and temporary storage facilities for additional bins and the procurement of vehicles, bins and bags which will determine the timescale for implementation;


(c)       gives delegated authority to the Corporate Director, Neighbourhood and Planning in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Waste, Property and Environment to implement the policy;


Agrees to:


(a)               the proposed area by area phasing of new services, to minimise disruption and to control the very substantial logistical issues, such as bin delivery and staff availability to assist residents during the change;


(b)              a phased communication and education programme prior to, during and subsequent to the roll out of service changes, commencing at least six months prior to roll-out;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


(c)               the key decisions on service delivery and policy, as set out at paragraphs 25 to 44 and in Appendix 7 of the report presented; 


(d)              policies for non-collection of overfull bins or side waste being implemented after a “settling down” period of six months for the new services;


(e)               enforcement action by the Council being limited to repeated failure to use receptacles provided for recycling or creation of side waste and warnings being issued  ...  view the full minutes text for item 146