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Housing revenue account business plan and revised capital programme

Meeting: 03/11/2020 - Cabinet (Item 131)

131 Housing Revenue Account Business Plan and Revised Capital Programme

Report of the Chief Executive


Supporting documents:


Cllr Richard Clewer, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Corporate  Services, Heritage, Arts & Tourism, Housing and Communities presented the report seeking consideration of a revised capital programme for both the Council’s new build council house programme and also the investment into the Council’s existing housing stock.


Cllr Clewer explained that the revisions to the Housing Revenue Account business plan based on a capital programme seeks to address the climate emergency. The proposed capital programme will support carbon zero development of new council housing where the Council is in control of development and a programme of investment of about £50m over the next 10 years so as to improve the energy performance of the Council’s existing housing stock so that all units will achieve an Energy performance rating of at least B. 


Cllr Clewer indicated that the report responded to the Global Warming and Climate Emergency Task Group recommendations, and he challenged Housing Associations with properties in Wiltshire to put in place and achieve the same carbon reduction measures as proposed in the report.


Cllr Graham Wright, Chair of the Wiltshire Covid-19 Response Task Group, reported that he was happy with the robust scrutiny undertaken and thanked the Cabinet Member and officers for their contributions and how the report dovetailed well with the recommendations of the Global Warming and Climate Emergency Task Group.


Resolved: To agree that


  1. the Council house new build programme will aim to deliver carbon zero new build where the Council is in control of development.


  1. the revised Council house build programme 2020 203/32 at an estimated cost of £195m


  1. the Council housing investment programme should aim to achieve energy performance rating of B for all its existing housing stock and


  1. the revised Council house investment programme 2020 2031/32 totalling £289m



Reason for Decision:

The proposals will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the Council’s housing stock not only responding to the Council’s climate emergency commitment but delivering homes that are cheaper to run and thus healthier to live in.