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Issue - meetings

SEN Review Confirmation of Decisions

Meeting: 14/12/2010 - Cabinet (Item 171)

171 Review of Special Educational Need (SEN) Provision - Confirmation of Decisions

A report by the Corporate Director, Department for Children and Education is circulated

Supporting documents:


Cllr Grundy, Cabinet member for Children’s Services referred to the review of Special Educational Needs previously undertaken. The outcome of the review was reported to Cabinet on 27 July 2010 where a decision was taken to proceed with all of the recommendations. Following that decision, the necessary statutory notices were published with responses sought by 22 October 2010.


Cllr Grundy presented a report which outlined the outcome of the consultation on the statutory notices and sought Cabinet’s views on whether it still wished to continue with the proposals in light of the responses to the statutory notices.


Cllr Grundy stressed that one of the purposes of the review was to ensure the cost effectiveness of the service and that any savings made as a result would be ploughed back into the service.




The Cabinet agrees that:-


(a)               the proposals set out in paragraph 6 of the report presented concerning the changes to special schools be confirmed;


(b)              the proposals set out in paragraph 9 of the report presented concerning the proposed closure of Specialist Learning Centres be confirmed and


(c)               that officers be requested to implement these decisions.


Reason for Decision


These proposals, along with the other proposals agreed by Cabinet on 27 July, would initiate the system change needed to improve educational provision and raise the achievement of pupils with SEN.  In view of the limited response to the statutory notices there is no reason to refrain from confirming the proposals set out in those notices.




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