Agenda and minutes

Calne Area Board - Tuesday 15 September 2020 6.30 pm

Venue: Online meeting

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6.30 pm


Chairman's Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman will welcome everyone to Calne Area Board and introduce the Councillors and Officers present.



The Chairman welcomed everyone to Calne Area Board and introduced the Councillors and Officers present.


Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies or substitutions for the meeting.



Apologies were received from Darren Nixon – Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, Malcolm Gull – Calne Community Area Partnership, Isabel McCord – Bremhill Parish Council, Ed Jones – Calne Without and Andy Weeds – Open Blue Bus.




To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 16 June 2020.


Supporting documents:


The minutes of the meeting held on 16 June 2020 were approved as a correct record and would be signed at a later date.




Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



Cllr Ian Thorn declared an interest in agenda item 12 – Area Board Funding, specifically the Community Area Funding Scheme request from the Wiltshire Music Centre, as he is currently a Trustee of the Wiltshire Music Centre.  Cllr Thorn confirmed that he would leave the meeting during consideration of this grant and not vote on the matter.


6.40 pm


Chairman's Announcements


The Chairman made announcements on the following matters:


·       Covid-19 Measures at Calne Schools

·       Funeral of Ryan Nelson



Area Board Boundary Review - Calne

To receive a presentation from Cllr Richard Clewer – Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Corporate Services, Heritage, Arts & Tourism, Housing and Communities.



The Area Board received an update from Kieran Elliott – Democratic Services, about the Area Board Boundary Review being undertaken in Wiltshire.  It was noted that the Review did not impact on the Calne Area Board apart from minor changes to divisions within the Area Board boundary.


Mr Elliott referred to a consultation open from 10 September to 31 October 2020, for the public to comment on the Boundary Review, the responses of which would be considered by Full Council in November 2020.


Cllr Hill commented on the Boundary Review and explained that although the Calne Area Board Boundary had not changed there were changes to the current Calne South and Cherhill division.  It was noted that Cherhill would become part of the Calne Rural Division, and Calne South Division would include the villages of Stockley and Heddington, Heddington Wick, Broad Green, Marlon and other villages in the south of the Area Board Boundary.



Covid-19 Recovery Plan: Young People


The Chairman commented on the impact of COVID-19 on the local community and highlighted how the meeting would be structured. She then read out the following statement:


‘The last meeting of the Calne Area Board took place on 10th March in the Calne Hub and Library, at that time we were all self consciously tapping elbows rather than shaking hands and joking about singing happy birthday while we washed our hands.


Following that, the world changed in front of our eyes and we’ve watched our country and community become rocked by the pandemic.


While we’ve been unable to hold area board meetings, Calne’s Wiltshire Councillors have held regular catch up sessions to keep in touch with officers and up to date with how the community has been coping.


We’ve all been (and continue to be) concerned about the impact Covid-19 has had/and is having on the Mental/Physical and Economic health of local people and are overwhelmed by how the community has stepped up to offer support and friendship in so many ways.


During our catch-up meetings we decided we would like to develop an informal local recovery plan to help us assess what needs and assistance there is locally and how the area board can best support the community to continue to support itself in this way, as we continue to deal with the pandemic and the prospect of potential local lockdowns ahead.


We have started to develop a template and have identified several areas we think we should talk about in more detail.


This evenings meeting will focus on the first of these:


Young People in the Calne Community Area


Young people in the area have experienced a tumultuous time, starting with the terrible death of Ellie Gould, media attention in the case, trial and subsequent campaigns to introduce self-defence lessons in school and more recently the campaign for ‘Ellie’s law’;


Then the virus, closure of schools, lockdown and resulting anxieties and isolation from peers and non-household adult support and mentoring.


Following the lifting of lockdown, came more uncertainty over exam results, future directions and options and then the loss of 4 more local young people in the dreadful road traffic accident in August.


Our subsequent discussions led us to feel we needed to increase our attention on issues affecting all young people in the area.


Working with the Town Council we have been able to implement Street based youth work around the town since July and following the accident were able to increase provision from 2 evenings to 5 evenings per week to provide additional support and signposting to grief counselling.


We also decided we would like to focus discussion at our first meeting back, on the impact of Covid-19 upon young people in our community.’




Impact on young People

To consider the experiences of different young people in the community area as a result of the Covid 19 crisis, including an update from Wordfest, and a chance to consider barriers to education during the crisis and into the recovery period.




Supporting documents:


The Area Board received an update from Ruth Hill, Wordfest, who commented on the following:


·       Engaging with young people

·       Computers for adults

·       Calne code trail

·       Mentoring

·       Ongoing projects


Adele Owens reported that she had previously worked with young people in various communities in Swindon and indicated that on occasions it was difficult to build trust with the young people in those areas. It was noted that young people with more deprived backgrounds may struggle with trust issues and often did not receive appropriate support.


Cllr Trotman referred to the lack of computers for young people when they are working from home due to the lockdown and he asked if there was support for these families. The Community Engagement Manager offered to investigate this further.


Decision: That the Community Engagement Manager investigate the level of support in the form of computers/laptops available for young people working from home during the lockdown and possible future lockdown periods.




Rise Youth Project - Update

To receive an update on detached youth work in Calne from July to September 2020 and an overview of the reactions of young people. Danielle Blake


Supporting documents:


The Area Board received an update from Danielle Blake, Rise Youth Project, on the detached youth work in Calne between July and September 2020 and an overview of the reactions from the young people.


Danielle explained that the project concentrated on working on the streets and engaging with young people, meeting them at their place of need. The Project consisted of a Team of nine based in several Wiltshire Towns and there had been positive interaction especially as young people being off school due to COVID-19.


The following comments were made:

·       Availability of laptops for young people to access school work from home

·       Update on drug issues provided by the Police to the Town Council

·       The number of youth workers in Calne and potential for joint working and funding by the Blue Bus for additional workers


Decision: That the Community Engagement Manager be asked to discuss the possibility of joint working between Blue Bus volunteers and the Rise Trust Youth Project, with potential for funding from Calne Town Council and the Blue Bus.


Kingsbury Green Academy - Update

To receive an update from Jason Tudor, principal at Kingsbury Green Academy relating to the return to school.


Supporting documents:


The Area Board received a written update from Jason Tudor, Principal of Kingsbury Green Academy, Calne about the impact of COVID-19 on the school.


Mr Tudor reported that the return to school had been very successful.  The school have introduced a wide range of safety measures to ensure that pupils, parents and staff feel safe and secure and that they could focus on the important business of learning. Attendance to date this year was 97%, against a national average attendance rate in secondary schools of 94.5%, it showed the confidence parents have in the measures the school have put in place. The school have communicated with parents throughout this difficult period and would continue to do so in the event of any changes.   The report then detailed the changes put in place by the school due to the COVID-19 situation.


The Chairman welcomed Hattie Matthews, Wiltshire Police, who provided an update about the national programme of raising awareness of County Lines in schools and commended the work of the Rise Youth Project for their outreach work to young people.


Cllr Hill highlighted the work of a vehicle, previously jointly funded by Calne, Chippenham and Corsham Area Boards that assisted the Police with the surveillance of criminal activity in those locations.  He suggested that the vehicle could be used again in the Calne area. 


Decision: That Hattie Matthews, Wiltshire Police be asked to investigate the use of the police surveillance vehicle for further work in the Calne area.


Calne Leisure Centre - Update

To receive a presentation from Mike Stuart and Paula Smith


The Chairman reported that unfortunately an update on the Leisure Centre was not currently available for this meeting, although it was expected that an update would be circulated to the Area Board very soon.


Cllr Hill reported that he had recently had an opportunity to look around the leisure centre and was impressed with the works being undertaken. He understood that the Centre was due to open early October 2020.


Health and Wellbeing - update

To receive an update from Diane Gooch/Alison Ingham


The Area Board received an update from Diane Gooch, Alison Ingham and Katie Brown in relation to Health and Wellbeing.  Comments included:


·       Activities since the end of March 2020 had been on hold due to the COVID-19 situation including hospital transport, Memory Club meetings, day centres

·       A Zoom meeting was held on 1 July 2020 with Voices which received feedback from groups about how they were managing and issues arising from the national lockdown.

·       The foodbank had been extremely busy

·       The impact of COVID-19 on the emotional wellbeing of older people, due to isolation and lack of visitors.

·       In response to COVID-19 and the easing of restrictions coffee mornings had been reintroduced successfully, with further coffee mornings planned and a petting zoo organised. The men’s shed had reopened.

·       Concerns were expressed about adults living with autism and residents being able to access online services.


Mark Edwards, Calne Town Council reported that the Town Council were committed to a version of Beat the Street and would also be funding a project for a Youth Council/Voice following a recent youth survey.   The Town Council continue to support the Rise Trust and had commissioned Rise to undertake an outreach at the skate park on Friday’s.


Patford House and Beversbrook Doctors Surgery - Update

To receive an update on the proposed merge of the two doctor surgeries.



The Area Board received an update from Emmy Butcher about the merger of Patford House and Beversbrook Doctors surgeries into one medical centre. It was noted that the proposals to merge the two doctors’ surgeries had been delayed due to COVID-19, although a planning application was being considered by the Northern Area Planning Committee on 7 October 2020. It was hoped that the Medical Centre would be opened in 2021and the local community could be involved in the suggestion of names for the Medical Centre.


Ms Butcher reported that there would be a drive-through Flu clinic in the leisure centre car park commencing on 26 September 2020 and vaccinations would be available for anyone over the age of 60. 


The Chairman thanked Ms Butcher for the presentation.



CATG - Update

To consider any recommendations arising from the CATG meeting held on 25 August 2020.


Supporting documents:


The Area Board received the minutes of the Community Area Transport Group of their meeting held on 25 August 2020.



To adopt the recommendations of the Community Area Transport Group as outlined in the report.



Area Board Funding

To consider three applications to Community Area Funding schemes, as follows:


Community Area Grant - Calne Town Football Club - £5000.00

Health & Wellbeing Fund - Wiltshire Music Centre - £1500.00

Positive Youth Activities – Calne Town Council - £1890.00


and to note allocation of funds and adjustment of previous projects supported, under delegated authority.

Supporting documents:


Consideration was given to three applications made to the Community Area Grants Scheme.




1.    To award:

a.    Calne Town Football Club £5000 towards new pitch barriers.

b.    Wiltshire Music Centre £1500 towards Celebrating Age Wiltshire Phase 2.

c.    Calne Town Council £1890 towards detached youth work for Calne Sept 2020 - end March 2021.


2.    To note the allocation of funds and adjustments of previous projects supported under delegated authority:

a.    Repurpose remainder of 2018/19 allocation number 814 to provide street based (detached) youth work sessions in Calne through the summer – no change in funding.

b.    Payment of Calne Older People/Carers Champion Meetings Facilitation - £6060.14 – Health & Wellbeing Fund

c.    Open Blue for Calne Youth to amend delivery detail of project supported by the Calne Area Board in March 2019 – No change in funding.

d.    Application number 3814, Calne Wordfest – £640 from the Health and Wellbeing Fund

e.    Immediate provision of additional streetbased youth sessions in Calne £540 – Positive Youth Activity Fund.


(Note – It was noted that all Area Board Councillors, with the exception of Cllr Crisp, were also Calne Town Councillors, and they declared a personal interest in the decision made at 1c above.  Each Councillor voted for the award of funding). 


Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.



The Chairman will set out arrangements for the next meeting.


The next virtual Area Board meeting would be held at 6.30pm on 8 December 2020.