Agenda and draft minutes

Corsham Area Board - Thursday 11 January 2024 7.00 pm

Venue: Corsham Town Hall, High Street, Corsham, Wilts, SN13 0EZ

Contact: Lisa Alexander  Email:

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Highways and Transport Matters

To receive a presentation covering the following topics:


·       Strategic Business Plan Priorities

·       Maintenance

·       Local Transport Plan

·       Congestion

·       Public Transport

·       Air Quality

Supporting documents:


The event began by providing context about highway infrastructure and its importance in Wiltshire.


An overview was presented of how highways in Wiltshire were funded and what investments were being planned by the Council for the future. This included initiatives to tackle speeding and flooding.


The presentation then focused in specifically to Corsham, highlighting the following specific issues:


       Highway Maintenance

       Active Travel

       Town Transport Plan


       Corsham Station


Corsham Town Council also gave a short presentation highlighting their input into highways and transport priorities in the area.


Their overall strategic priorities included:


       Environment and Climate Change

       Business and the Economy

       Community Wellbeing

       Transport and Highways


Pointing specifically to their transport priorities:

  • Affordable, well-connected and regular public transport.
  • Well-maintained roads and routes for walking and cycling.
  • Lower traffic speeds and improved road safety measures.
  • Plans in place for new transport infrastructure.



The PowerPoint slides are attached to the minutes.



Question and Answer Session

An opportunity to ask any highways questions.

Supporting documents:


The panel then opened the meeting up to the floor and invited questions and comments from those present. They also explained that they would provide written responses to the questions submitted in advance of the meeting which would be attached to the minutes.


  • A question was asked about work on white and yellow lines in Colerne, to which it was stated that inspections would be taking place. Prioritisation is given to the highest built-up areas and through a specific set of criteria.


  • Much attention was given to a question about ongoing issues, including two very serious collisions on Bradford Road. Comments from attendees included safety concerns for children, the inconsistency of speed limits and enforcement of those limits, and the current junction layout.


It was noted that a Cabinet Member decision was being made on this particular issue on the reduction of the speed limit. Site visits had been made and the concerns of local residents had been considered amongst many other factors, including guidance from various transport groups. Steps to ensure drivers slow even further outside the school situated along the road were also being taken.


It was accepted that further communication and collaboration with local residents was needed.


  • Issues on Vellay Hill were raised where there was a 30mph limit which was not being adhered to. Enforcement measures were asserted to be in place and police officers do attend, however it was stressed that this was balanced between multiple areas of concerns. Traffic management and calming measures were in place, and arguments made for different interventions were being considered.


  • A question was asked on the use of data from Speedwatch cameras and their effectiveness in catching speeding motorists and enforcement through fines and other penalties. It was responded that attendance to the next area board meeting would be sought from PCC’s office to answer this question in more detail, but difficulty procedurally with deploying Speedwatch cameras was explained and it was stressed that there was no wish to</AI2> leave a situation that was unsafe.
  • Further questions were asked on certain road projects that would require attention including:


·       A degrading pavement on the road into Corsham from Gastard.


·       Flooding on the junction between Skynet Drive and Park Lane


·       Issues with a lack of cat’s eyes on numerous roads causing issues when driving at night


·       A double pedestrian crossing in Box which was in need of repair.


It was reassured that all of these issues were known, and work had either already begun or was due to start soon.



Session Summary and Next Steps

To consider the next steps arising from the presentation and

subsequent discussions.


Those who submitted written questions would receive written responses. This document is still being prepared and will be published separately to these minutes.


The board thanked those who attended and gave their views and concerns.




Apologies for Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


Cllr Caroline Thomas




To approve and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 12 October 2023.

Supporting documents:




The minutes from the 12 October 2023 were approved as a true and accurate record.



Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



There were no declarations of interest.



Chairman's Updates

The Chairman will give an update on outcomes and actions arising from previous meetings of the Area Board.


·       Police and Crime Commissioner’s Annual Report 2023.

·       Cost of Living Update

Supporting documents:


The Chair updated the board on the following items:


       Police and Crime Commissioner’s Annual Report 2023

       Cost of Living Update



Information Items

The Board is asked to note the following Information items:


·       Wiltshire Age UK Update

·       Community First

·       Healthwatch Wiltshire

·       Update from BSW Together (Integrated Care System)

·       FACT Family Help Programme Update

·       Archaeology Service Annual Newsletter 2023.

Supporting documents:


The Board noted the following information items:


       Wiltshire Age UK Update

       Community First

       Healthwatch Wiltshire

       Update from BSW Together (Integrated Care System)

       FACT Family Help Programme Update

       Archaeology Service Annual Newsletter 2023.



Partner and Community Updates

Verbal Updates

To receive any verbal updates from representatives, including:


a)    Wiltshire Police

b)    Fire & Rescue

c)    Town & Parish Council Nominated Representatives

d)    Corsham Climate Action

Written Updates

The Board is asked to note any written and online updates attached to the agenda:

·       PC Updates

Supporting documents:


The chair directed attendees to the Agenda Supplement for the Police and Road Safety updates.


All written updates were noted and were attached to the Agenda.



Area Board Priority Areas Update

Update on our Priority Areas:


·       Youth engagement and positive activity opportunities (Cllr Helen Belcher)

·       Addressing climate change (Cllr Derek Walters)

·       Promoting wellbeing and reducing social isolation in older and vulnerable people (Cllr Brian Mathew)

·       Supporting the local economy (Cllr Ruth Hopkinson)


Youth engagement and positive activity opportunities (Cllr Helen Belcher)


  • A LYN meeting took place at Corsham School in November, with good discussion about getting younger people involved into the community.


Addressing climate change (Cllr Derek Walters)


  • Visits are being arranged, specifically to the biogas plant in Warminster for inspiration for future projects in Corsham.


Promoting wellbeing and reducing social isolation in older and vulnerable people (Cllr Brian Mathew)


  • Nothing of significance to update but a meeting was being organised soon.


Supporting the local economy (Cllr Ruth Hopkinson)


  • A Business Breakfast meeting was planned for 19th January 8-10am at Pound Arts.



Area Board Grants - Budget Update

The Strategic Engagement and Partnerships Manager for Corsham, Ros Griffiths, will update the Board on the budget for Area Board grant applications.


There were no grants to consider, however the Strategic Engagement & Partnerships Manager Ros Griffiths gave an update on the Board’s budget.


It was stated that although the Community Area budget and Youth budget were fully allocated, the Older and Vulnerable grants budget had almost £1000 left and so attendees were urged to submit applications.


Local Highways and Footpath Improvement Group (LHFIG)

To note the minutes and consider any recommendations arising from the most recent LHFIG meeting.



Further information on the LHFIG process can be found here.



Proposed by Cllr Ruth Hopkinson and seconded by Cllr Helen Belcher OBE, it was:




To approve the recommendations from the meeting of the Local Highways and Footways Improvement Group on 11 October 2023.