Agenda and minutes

Online Meeting, Trowbridge Area Board - Thursday 20 January 2022 7.00 pm

Venue: Online Meeting

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No. Item



To receive any apologies for absence.


Apologies were received from Edward Kirk.



To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 7 October 2021.

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To approve and sign the minutes as a true and correct record.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of disclosable interests or dispensations granted by the Standards Committee.



Councillors Jo Trigg and Stewart Palmen declared a non-pecuniary interest in the grant application from Trowbridge Future, by virtue of being trustees of the organisation. They declared they would not participate or vote on the application.


Chairman's Announcements

To include the following:


a)    Ask for Angela Relaunch

b)    Queens Platinum Jubilee

c)    Changes to Highway Code

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Announcements were received as detailed in the agenda pack, relating to the Ask for Angela Relaunch, Queens Platinum Jubilee and changes to the Highway Code.


Partner Updates

To note the written reports and receive any updates from the



a)    Wiltshire Police

b)    Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

c)    Town and Parish Councils

d)    Local Youth Network


Other updates.

Supporting documents:


Updates from partners were received as follows:


      i.         Wiltshire Police

Inspector Gill Hughes delivered an update on policing issues in the community area. She stated that there had not been an increase in issues in Trowbridge in the lead up to Christmas and highlighted the success of Operation Elf to tackle shoplifting. She also updated the Board on the three new PCSOs and her work as Wiltshire Police’s lead on dog theft, including increasing DNA tracking. The Winter Drink Drive Campaign saw 7 arrests for drink driving and 3 arrests for drug driving in the Trowbridge area.


The Board asked if information could also be presented showing comparison with Swindon and the rest of Wiltshire, along with longer term trend information. It was reported that over the last year there had been a slight increase in violent crime but it was considered that the reopening of pubs may have contributed to this. Trend data including on theft could be reviewed for future updates.


A request was made for a PCSO to attend the next Hilperton Parish Council meeting and the next North Bradley Parish Council meeting. 


    ii.         Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service


David Geddes, Trowbridge Station Manager, updated the Board on the safe and well visits that were still ongoing and the specific focus on electric blanket safety in the winter months. He reminded the Board that the service is recruiting for more on-call firefighters. There were 76 fire calls in the Trowbridge area in the last quarter, with 34 false alarms. It was clarified that this was an average number for the time of year, but attention was drawn to an increase in fires in the open, such as waste fires.


   iii.         Town and Parish Councils


The Board received an update from Hilperton Parish Council that they had no increase to their precept and had allocated nearly £30,000 to causes within the community to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. Trowbridge Town Council also provided the Board with an update. The Trowbridge precept would increase by 19.5% to cover services that the Town Council was taking on from Wiltshire Council.



Future High Street Fund

To receive an update on the Future High Street Fund.


Rory Bowen, Acting Head of Service, Economic Regeneration, delivered an update on the Future High Street Fund. He noted that the intention of the fund was to build a programme for further improvement beyond the initial projects. There would be live events for the public to the project on 27 and 31 January 2021 with opportunity for questions and answers, along with other engagement taking place. There would be a focus on improving pedestrian access to the town centre, and on deliverable projects.


The Leader of the Council, Cllr Richard Clewer, stated that the programme was the first step in working on Trowbridge town centre as part of a pipeline of deliverable improvements to lead to long term transformation.


The Board discussed the update and expressed that they would like to see the progress that has happened between updates. They also asked for more discussion with Highways about the developments. Questions were raised around opening up the Market Hall, and for involvement of local councillors or the town council on the business model. In response it was stated that the project needed to tread a line between what could be delivered within the funding parameters. It was aimed to improve on engagement to create a better sense of community ownership of the project and to utilise local knowledge.


The Board thanked the Leader and Rory Bowen for their update.



The Leader of the council will be in attendance regarding leisure provision in Trowbridge.


The Leader of the Council, Cllr Richard Clewer, was in attendance to update the Area Board on leisure provision in the community area.


He stated that due to the need to provide a new leisure facility in Trowbridge,  £25 million capital funding had been proposed over the next three years. This included around £2 million over the next year for plans and preparation. He clarified that there was no specific site identified at this stage, and that the budget would still need to be approved at the next full Council meeting on 15 February 2022.


After questions from the Board it was specified that the council would assess need when determining what to include in the leisure centre. There would be consultation however the extent would be impacted by the need to move and develop quickly to meet leisure requirements in the area.


In response to queries it was stated accessibility would be a factor in choosing the site, with importance of public transport links noted, but with limited site options not all details would be ideal in all ways. Any planning application for the proposed build would have factor in impact on traffic in the area around the chosen site. The Leader stated he hoped the centre would be completed within four years, however this was the most optimistic estimate. It was also confirmed that Wiltshire Council would be running the site, and the current usage of the site by schools was being considered.


The Chairman requested that the Board be kept informed of any developments, including any working groups set up by the Board, and thanked the Leader for the update.


Selwood Housing

Selwood housing will deliver a presentation on the work that they are doing at Studley Green.

Supporting documents:


Peter Davies from Selwood Housing delivered a presentation on the work being done in Trowbridge, and specifically in Studley Green. It was stated Selwood Housing have 2500 homes in Trowbridge some of which are high cost and low performance. A number of these homes are in the Studley Green area. Selwood Housing intended to use their Stronger Communities Fund to deliver improvements to Studley Green and areas like it through working with Trowbridge Future and volunteers.


 Mr Davies stated that Selwood were committed to community led action and connecting people to work together to improve their area and planned to consult with all 650 homes in Studley Green on developments moving forward.


The local Member for the Studley Green area, Councillor Jo Trigg thanked Selwood for their investment and genuine effort to make a difference.


The Board thanked Selwood for updating them on their places for the area.


Trowbridge Eco

Matt Callaway will deliver a presentation on the work of Trowbridge Eco.

Supporting documents:


Matt Callaway delivered a presentation on the work of Trowbridge Eco. The group had grown to over 60 members who participated in litter picks and river cleans as well as other activities in the community area. Details were provided of activities which had taken place, including river cleans, its blue heart campaign to encourage rewilding, as well as future activities planned such as a spring clean on 3 April 2022, and a ‘repair café’.


The Board thanked Trowbridge Eco for their volunteer work in the community and encouraged them to continue to push local councils and others to develop on their green promises.



Community Grants

Hilperton Village Hall - Village Hall Outside Lighting - £855.00 requested

YMCA Brunel Group on behalf of YMCA Green Shoots – Nursery YMCA Green Shoots Nursery Outdoor Area Renovation - £5000.00 requested

Trowbridge Rugby Football Club - Trowbridge Rugby Club Play Park - £5000.00 requested

Stepping Stones - Garden project Phase 3 - £2000.00 requested

Trowbridge Debt Advice Service - Trowbridge Debt Advice Service expansion and upgrade - £2935.25 requested

Trowbridge Environmental Community - Trowbridge Environmental Community GROW Toolshed - £330.00 requested

Friends of Broadmead Pond - Repair and improve Broadmead Pond - £5000.00


Youth Grants

The Amber Foundation - Ambers Health and Wellbeing workshops - £3506.00 requested

Trowbridge Future - Trowbridge Future Apprentice - £5000.00 requested


Health and Wellbeing Grants

Alzheimers Support - New flooring for Mill St Trowbridge Day Club supporting local people with dementia - £1550.00 requested


Community Area Transport Group

Newtown Pedestrian Crossing - Additional CATG allocation £5083.50 subject to £1694.50 Trowbridge Town Council contribution

Southwick Speed Limit Assessment - CATG £1875, subject to £625 Southwick Parish Council contribution


Supporting documents:


As the meeting was taking place online any decisions would need to be taken by the Leader of the Council under executive authority, taking account of the views of the Board


Community Grants

Hilperton Village Hall - Village Hall Outside Lighting

This grant request was withdrawn as the full amount was provided by a grant from Hilperton parish council.


YMCA Brunel Group on behalf of YMCA Green Shoots –Nursery Outdoor Area Renovation

£5000.00 was requested for renovation of the outdoor area of the nursery as the area is prone to flooding and they need to improve drainage and excavate and re-level the area. On the motion of Councillor Jo Trigg, seconded by Councillor Stewart Palmen, it was then,



To award £5000.00 to the YMCA Brunel Group.



The application met the grants criteria.


Trowbridge Rugby Football Club - Trowbridge Rugby Club Play Park

£5000.00 requested for moving and updating the rugby club’s play park. The play park is for ages 4-12 and includes equipment such as swings, slides and climbing frames. The Rugby Club clarified that they would cover future maintenance of the park as they do at the moment and that is accessible and used by others in the community that do not belong to the rugby club. No motion was proposed before consideration of the next item. A point of order was raised later in the meeting to return to the consideration of the Trowbridge Rugby club item, with Chairman stating the matter had been considered but could be raised at a later date.


Stepping Stones - Garden project Phase 3

£2000.00 was requested to upgrade their current outdoor play facilities through the replacement of the play panels in their garden "Pagoda" and outdoor movable play equipment suitable for pre-school children. On the motion of Councillor Antonio  Piazza, seconded by Councillor Jo Trigg, it was then,



To award £2935.25 to Stepping Stones.



The application met the grants criteria.


Trowbridge Debt Advice Service - Expansion and upgrade

£2935.25 was requested to upgrade their existing laptops and add two more to keep up with the increase in size of the service now that it has grown from 5 to 7 advisors. On the motion of Councillor Antonio Piazza, seconded by Councillor Daniel Cave, it was then,



To award £2935.25 to Trowbridge Debt Advice Service.



The application met the grants criteria.


Trowbridge Environmental Community - GROW Toolshed

£330.00 was requested to build a tool shed to manage and enhance their community project at Gloucester Road allotments.

On the motion of Councillor Antonio Piazza, seconded by Councillor Stewart Palmen, it was then,



To award £330.00 to Trowbridge Environmental Community.



The application met the grants criteria.


Friends of Broadmead Pond - Repair and improve Broadmead Pond £5000.00 was requested to desilt the pond to make it more

suitable as a breeding pond for newts and other wildlife. It would also be to increase the accessibility for local residents and visitors and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 37.


Urgent items

Any other items of business which the Chairman agrees to consider as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.