Agenda item

Area Board Action Plan Update

To received updates from Area Board members for each priority area.



The Area Board considered the report of the Community Engagement Manager (CEM), Jane Vaughan who, along with the Area Board champions provided updates on the priority actions identified in the area board action plan agreed at previous meetings.


The CEM reminded the Area Board that their agreed priorities were themed into the streams detailed below.


·       The Environment – Champion Cllr Ian Thorn

·       Older and Vulnerable People and Families – Champion Cllr Tom Rounds

·       Young People – Champion Cllr Sam Pearce-Kearney

·       The Economy – Champion Cllr Tony Trotman

·       Community Resilience – Champion Cllr Ashley O’Neill


The CEM reported that since the last meeting in December 2021, Wiltshire Councillors and the CEM have been working with the community to move forward the agreed actions. Some were now complete, while others continue to develop. Each champion commented on progress for their priority area below:


The recommendations for each of the streams as detailed in the CEM’s report were considered after all Champions had an opportunity to comment on their area and are detailed below:




1.    To note progress on priority actions identified in the area board action plan (Dec 2021 – March 2022).


2.    To confirm the removal of completed priority actions identified in the action plan above:


·       1.1 Young People - Reconvene the Community Area Youth Forum to confirm priority issues outlined in the Status Report and identify priority actions/activities that can be undertaken with and without the Area Board.

·       1.3 Young People - Develop opportunities for local groups and organisations to understand contextual safeguarding of young people in non-familial situations and communicating robust safeguarding policies and procedures.

·       1.4 Young People - Develop appropriate ways to engage and consult with local young people o 2.3 Older People - Support the development of Calne Men’s Shed to secure a venue and sustainability.

·       3.1 Environment - Hold a Calne ECO Fair to promote COP26 and the Wiltshire Climate Strategy.

·       3.2 Environment - Reconvene Air Quality Management Group and progress action plan. Complete 01/11/21 (group will now update Area Board directly).

·       3.3 Environment – Air Quality action - Electric Vehicle Charging Points

·       5.1 Community Resilience - re-establish and develop the Calne Area Parish Forum Complete 20/10/2121 (group will now update Area Board directly).

·       5.2 Community Resilience - promote and develop the North Wiltshire Rivers Route - Sustrans National Cycle Route 4, Chippenham to Calne and Calne to Avebury. In progress (Area Board will receive updates through the CATG.

·       5.4 Community Resilience - promote and develop the North Wiltshire Rivers Route.


3.    To agree to add the following actions to the Calne Community Area Action Plan:


·       1.5 Young People – Develop appropriate ways to engage with young people who are not in employment education or training, young people who are being home schooled and young people living with special educational needs and disabilities.

·       2.5 Older and Vulnerable People – ‘Great Big Get Together Event’

·       3.5 Environment – Develop Signage projects and promotion of a joined-up safer cycling/walking, link with s106 group. Ask s106 Chair to invite JV&CS to attend future meeting

·       3.6 Environment - Provide an E-Bike charging point in the town centre – develop an Area Board/Town Council project to provide an initial secure storage/charging point.

·       3.7 Environment - Develop the Sustrans Cycle Route as a serious cycling alternative to the A4 (including issues relating to longevity of leases, - invite relevant Wiltshire Council officers to attend a future Environment/Area Board.

·       3.8 Environment - Audit of tree planting / re-wilding locations –discuss potential campaign to link with Parishes to identify sites across the community area for the Queen’s jubilee.

·       3.9 Environment – Plan an Area Board event to engage with young people from the Community Area. - discuss potential event to hold in the autumn.


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