Agenda item

Partner Updates

To receive an update from the partners listed below:


a.    Wiltshire Police

b.    Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

c.     Healthwatch Wiltshire

d.    Health – Integrated Care Board Update (formerly Clinical Commissioning Group)

e.    Calne Community Safety Forum Update

f.      Town and Parish Councils


To receive updates from the partners listed below:


a.    Wiltshire Police

The Area Board received and noted the written report attached to the agenda pack. The report provided detail about the performance of the Police over the previous 12 months to June 2022, hate crime overview, local priorities including the rise in anti-social behaviour, closure order, Calne rural patrols and anti-social behaviour in Newbury Avenue.


The Area Board noted that the issues in Newbury Avenue have now been resolved. 


b.    Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

The Area Board received and noted the written report attached in the agenda pack


c.     Healthwatch

The Area Board received and noted the written report attached in the agenda pack.


d.    Health – Integrated Care Board (formerly the Clinical Commissioning Group)

The Area Board received and noted the written report attached in the agenda pack.


e.    Calne Community Safety Forum Update

Glenis Ansell provided a verbal update on the work of the Forum. She reported on the reinstatement of the Safe Places Scheme, close working with the Police on anti-social behaviour and measures being taken to tackle it, update on the CCTV scheme manager, neighbourhood watch updates, road and footpath issues, discussions with Chippenham Safety Forum regarding the potential for a dog warden for Calne and Chippenham, Marden Farm footpath, and the Calne Music and Arts festival on between 7-16 October 2022.


f.      Older People’s Voices Update

The Area Board received an update from Diane Gooch on the following matters:


·       The Reconnect meeting continued to increase in numbers attending and there is a need to manage the seating at meetings and various events continue to be held.

·       Voices in Dementia Steering group continue to work closely with Alzheimer’s  support to make Calne and surrounding villages dementia friendly.


The Chairman thanked Diane for all her hard work in the community as the Older People’s Champion.   


g.    Parish Councils

                                               i.     Bremhill Parish Council – A verbal update was provided by the Isobel McCord covering the following areas:


·       Referred to the Compton Bassett consultation on the future of the local household recycling centre

·       The celebrations and events for the Queens Jubilee went well over the Bank Holiday weekend.

·       Work with the Friends of Marden Vale

·       The environment group – Bremzero continue to meet and are currently holding farm walks with future walks being organised for the autumn 2022.


                                              ii.     Calne Without – A verbal update was provided by Eion Rees covering the following areas:

·       Jubilee events were a great success

·       The recent Parish Meeting was well attended and considered the Strategic Plan

·       The Climate Change Group held an energy saving and nature day and purchased a number of thermal imaging cameras for residents use.

·       The Parish Council provided comments to the Compton Bassett Household Recycling Centre consultation

·       Considered the proposals for Calne Without Governance Review

·       Considered a planning application for 20 dwellings on Chilvester Hill


                                            iii.     Hilmarton – Mel - Comments were received about the refurbishment of the play park and the expectation is that the works would be completed by the end of the year.


h.    Calne Town Council – Mark Edwards provided the following update:


·       6 weeks of free School Holiday Activities, including 12 activity sessions and over 300 free places alongside 5 hosted skate bowl sessions with ATBSkateShop

·       Castlefields Park was announced as “Local Favourite” in the South West by Fields in Trust national poll.

·       Calne Summer Carnival was held on 25 June 2022 which was well supported.

·       Fireworks are being planned for 4 November 2022 and a Festival of Lights on 26 November 2022.


In addition, a number of queries were raised on behalf of Councillor Alan Hill (Calne Town Council), as detailed below:


·       Why no apparent enforcement action regarding the unacceptable paint job on the listed property in the Curzon Street narrows? The Chair confirmed that this was a matter for Calne Town Council to investigate rather than an Area Board issue.

·       Why has the link road associated with the north east development (Prince Charles Drive – Sandpit Road roundabout) not been made available for public use in accordance with the condition of the planning permission? Why has enforcement action not been taken against the developer? The Chair reminded the Area Board that S106 issues can be complex. Officers would seek a response from the Chief Planning Officer.

·       The Indian Bean tree outside the Free Church was cut down because of damage resulting in disease. If this had been the case with a privately owned tree it would have had to be replaced with another one of the same type and maturity. Wiltshire Council owns that land, when is the tree going to be replaced? Cllr Hill was asked progress the issue with Cllr Thorn.

·       When are negotiations regarding service devolution in and around Calne going to start? The Director of Legal and Governance explained that there was a temporary delay in the devolution of services to town and parish councils from Wiltshire Council due to the pandemic and reallocation of officer resources during that time. However, a revised policy report would be considered by Cabinet on 27 September 2022 which would aid the delivery of service devolution.

·       Rubbish bins & dog poo bins around the town. We understand that WC is no longer providing or emptying these bins; surely this is a service that people pay for through Council Tax, so how can WC decide not to provide it any longer? Councillor Pearce-Kearney reported that he had received a response in relation to this matter and would forward it onto the Chair.





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