Agenda item

Area Board Priority and Working Group Update

To receive updates from Lead Councillors for the local Area Board priorities.


·       Supporting positive mental health and wellbeing in young people– Cllr Sam Pearce-Kearney

·       Addressing climate change – Cllr Ian Thorn

·       Promoting wellbeing and combating social isolation in older and vulnerable people - Cllr Tom Rounds

·       Promoting and supporting initiatives to address Economic Inequalities– Cllr Tony Trotman


The Chairman introduced the Area Board Local Priorities report for December 2022. 


He explained that each priority theme had a series of more specific local actions that the SEPM and Area Board Delivery Officer would work with the Area Board Members to positively address and take forward.


The following updates were received for each of the priority themes:


1.    Supporting positive mental health and wellbeing in young people – Cllr Sam Pearce-Kearney reported that the Calne Local Youth Network (LYN)last met in June 2022 and their next meeting scheduled for 14 December 2022 where Celia Stevens would be attending from the Environment Group. Cllr Pearce-Kearney highlighted that the Group would be focusing on growing the LYN during 2023 and developing projects that supported the mental health of young people. It was noted that funding was still available for projects, and it was expected that grant requests would be available for consideration at the next Area Board meeting.


Alan Hill commented on the issues with the transport of pupils from Calne to Chippenham and Swindon when using the number 55 bus service. Cllr Ian Thorn indicated that there were a number of issues at the bus station in Swindon that could impact pupils from the Calne area. The Chairman agreed that further discussions were necessary and these should be continued outside of the meeting.    


2.    Addressing climate change – Cllr Ian Thorn reported that the Working Group met on 14 November 2022 and ongoing discussion focused on key issues relating to active travel, sustainability of the Sustran’s cycle route, engaging with the local community, air quality and a youth climate event is being organised in partnership with the LYN and local secondary schools. The next meeting is scheduled for 23 February 2023.   


3.    Promoting wellbeing and combating social isolation in older and vulnerable people – Cllr Tom Rounds and Diane Gooch, Older People’s Champion, reported on the Calne Older People’s Voices Group which met on 11 October 2022 with discussions focussing on inequalities and falls prevention, dementia awareness sessions, Calne Hardship Fund and helping residents through winter. The Health and Social Care Forum met on 20 October 2022 and discussed the Autism Hub, Get Out Get Active launch in Calne and the cost of living. The Calne Warm and Well information event on 8 December 2022 was being promoted to key groups. The Reconnecting Group Celebrating Age event was planned for December 2022.


Cllr Ian Thorn reported that he had attending a walk around Calne with Diane and Becky to identify and record issues with footpath surfaces and dropped kerbs and the impact to older people in relation to falls and trip hazards with potential schemes to be considered by the LHFIG.

The Area Board noted that Northlands Surgery, Calne were actively supporting the work being undertaken in connection with this priority theme, although it was disappointing that other surgeries in Calne were not willing to be involved. The Area Board expressed disappointment with this and suggested that Cllr Rounds approach two other surgeries to discuss this matter further.


Alan Hill commented on a recent meeting of the Patient Liaison Group, chaired by Glenis Ansell, and his discussions with the Practice Manager of Beversbrook Medical Centre.  


The Chairman thanked Diane for the fantastic work she does in Calne as the Older People’s Champion.


4.    Promoting and supporting initiatives to address economic inequalities -  Cllr Tony Trotman reported that funding had been allocated to Calne Foodbank in December 2022, the Calne Health & Social Care Forum is working in partnership with Calne Town Council and the Area Board to deliver Calne Warm and Well on 8 December 2022. The Warm Spaces Survey and interactive community directory and cost of living support and signposting has been promoted to the community along with details about the FUEL holiday programme.  




That Cllr Rounds approach Patford House Partnership to discuss their future involvement of Patford House Surgery and Beversbrook Medical Centre with the promotion of wellbeing and combating social isolation in older and vulnerable people.


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