Agenda item

Partner and Community Updates

Verbal Updates:


To receive any verbal updates from representatives, including:


·       Child Friendly Trowbridge

·       Trowbridge Future

·       Town and Parish Councils Nominated Representatives

·       Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service


Written Updates:


The Board is asked to note the following written and online updates attached to the agenda:


·       Wiltshire Police



Updates were received from the following partners:


·       Wiltshire Police

The Area Board noted a written updates attached to the agenda and supplement. In addition, Inspector Andy Lemon provided a verbal update which covered the following points:

·       Inspector Lemon was responsible for the neighbourhood policing team as well as the response team, with two additional officers set to join in November.

·       Work had been conducted for a criminal behaviour order for a female in Lamplighters Walk following 12 months of antisocial behaviour at home.

·       Project Zero, a road policing operation took place recently as well as on 11 August in Trowbridge where 68 offences ranging from excess speed to not wearing a seatbelt were recorded.

·       Last week was rural crime action week with the police having gone out to farmers in the local area.

·       Next week is set to be business awareness week, as part of a national response of policing towards policing and theft, with a further operation set to take place at Christmas.

·       The force was looking to work towards priorities set by the Chief Constable.

·       The number of burglary dwellings had decreased by 44 victims as well as a reduction in violent offences by 1217 victims this year.

·       As a hub, Trowbridge have been identified as being the best in terms of Further Action Taken and putting people in front of court.

·       The local force recently took part in a local cricket match.


After the verbal update, there was time for the following questions and points to be made:

·       The neighbourhood policing team were praised for their work.

·       A concern was raised about people feeling unsafe walking through Trowbridge Park at night, to which it was stated that the best action to be taken to help people feel safer would be greater police visibility.

·       Concern were raised regarding shoplifting within the area, with anecdotes cited about how business owners had cited cases of violence to escalate police concern and increase response time. It was noted that shoplifting was covered by the 101 and online service with the response to shoplifting currently under review. It was noted that all calls were assessed in terms of threat and harm and that traders should not falsely suggest there has been violence involved in shoplifting. Additionally, the response teams are being redesigned as well as having new shift patterns to allow for greater visibility.

·       Further concern was raised regarding shoplifting that other if other areas of crime were prioritised over shoplifting then the police might not have enough staff to cope; to which it was acknowledged that though the police do have finite resources, it was hoped that a redesign of the force would allow for improvements and better planning for a deterrent space; with reference to business improvement districts in London.

·       Praise was given to the police for providing a Councillor with a swift reply to concerns raised via email.


·       Child Friendly Trowbridge

The Area Board received the following verbal update from Cllr Jo Trigg on behalf of Child Friendly Trowbridge. The update noted that Colin Kay had stepped down as Chairman and had been replaced by Jane Bullock. Additionally, that the next meeting would take place on 16 October 2016.


·       Trowbridge Future

The Area Board received the following verbal update from Cllr Jo Trigg on behalf of Trowbridge Future. The update noted that Trowbridge Future had recently signed a lease for a new larger premises on Mill St, which would offer space for more youth provision.


·       Town and Parish Council Nominated Representative

The Area Board received the following verbal update from Cllr Roger Evans on behalf of North Bradley Parish Council. The update covered the following matters:

·       It was endorsed that other Parish Councils should attend Trowbridge Area Board meetings.

·       North Bradley Parish Council is still meeting monthly with various planning applications being considered in different areas.

·       Work is currently being undertaken to review the 2021 Neighbourhood Plan as part of the Community Governance Review would lead to boundary changes with Trowbridge Town, with a letter of intent set to enable working together.

·       Cllr Bernard Clarkson was set to resign after working as part of the Parish Council for 30 years.


The Area Board voted on and agreed to write to Cllr Bernard Clarkson to recognise and place gratitude towards his service.


·       Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

The Area Board noted a written update attached to the agenda supplement.

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