Agenda item

Youth Update

To receive a verbal update on local youth developments.


George Tomlinson, Community Engagement Development Officer provided an update on Bradford on Avon Skate Park and Holiday Club. The update covered the following points:

·       The Town Council had been awarded a grant towards a summer holiday club, which ran in August and offered half-day sessions for £5.

·       The sessions included a variety of activities including arts, sports and cookery and looked to promote inclusivity and respect.

·       13 sessions took place and benefitted over 20 families.

·       The Town Council received funding from the Area Board towards the skatepark which opened in August and has been in constant use since, with an opening ceremony on Saturday 9 September.

·       The Town Council also organised skate and skoot lessons, which were ran using Area Board funding to support younger or less experienced people to gain confidence to use the skatepark.


After the verbal update, there was time for the following questions and points to be made:

·       Feedback was received that the event at the skatepark had been enjoyable and that there was hope for it to be an annual event.

·       The Chief Constable stated that the event sounded positive and that the Police would welcome an invite to support such events.


Caroline LeQuesne, Area Board Delivery Officer provided an update on behalf of BOA Youth and David Lloyd. The update covered the following points:

·       The centre is managed and owned by Bradford on Avon Town Council, with two part time youth workers and an intern youth worker.

·       The vision for the centre was outlined, with an aim for young people to have fun, develop friendships and relationships with trusting adults to bridge gaps between young people and communities.

·       An overview of recent work completed by the centre was outlined, including improvements to the centre and activities.

·       Plans for the centre were outlined, including a Thursday Café for teenagers, activities for UK Parliament week and a BOA Youth Friendly initiative.


Jim Lynch provided an update on behalf of BoACAN, regarding Mental Health First Training at St Laurence School. The update covered the following points:

·       A brief overview of the history and work of BoACAN was provided and the way in which they work with small steering groups set up for community projects.

·       BoACAN received funding from the Area Board and other sources to support a project called Young Futures following the pandemic, which aimed to support the wellbeing of young people.

·       It was noted that it had been difficult to get groups of young people together following the pandemic, however a lot of meetings have taken place, with successful relationships formed between Westwood Social Club and Purple Noise (Music Education), with further music related projects set to take place.

·       Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) was a national initiative and BoACAN received funding to offer the initiative to young people.

·       Following a successful meeting with the Head of Sixth Form at St Laurence School, 42 students out of 140 wished to partake in the course, which could lead to a certificate valid for three years.

·       Due to the success of the first course, a second course was able to be ran, with it hoped that a third would run in the October half term.