Agenda item

Partner Updates

Verbal Updates

To receive any verbal updates from representatives, including:


a.    Wiltshire Police

b.    Town and Parish Councils

c.     Older People’s Champion

d.    Health and Social Care Forum



Written Updates

The Board is asked to note the following written and online updates attached to the agenda:



e.    Wiltshire Police

f.      Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue – online video

g.    Calne Community Safety Forum

h.    Community First

i.      Healthwatch Wiltshire

j.      BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire Together – Integrated Care Board

k.     Calne Town Council



Written updates were available in the agenda pack from the following partners:


·       Wiltshire Police, pg. 23-29

·       Wiltshire Police Road Safety, attached to these notes.

·       Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue – online video

·       Calne Community Safety Forum, pg. 31-32

·       Community First, pg. 33-52

·       BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire Together – Integrated Care Board, pg.53-55

·       Calne Community Safety Forum, pg. 57-59

·       Calne Town Council, pg. 60



The following partners also provided verbal updates:


Bremhill Parish Council


The Chairman of Bremhill Parish Council, Isabel McCord, gave an overview of the news from the parish. Details included:


·       A new 30mph speed limit had been approved in Foxham and new signage was due to be installed by March.

·       Horse rider signs were due to be installed in Tytherton Lucas.

·       Locations for Speed Indicator Devices had been identified in Foxham, East Tytherton and Tytherton Lucas.

·       Thanks were given to the Local Highway and Footway Improvement Group for supporting these initiatives.

·       A project to build a village hall in East Tytherton had been successful in a bid for £80,000 of funding from the National Lottery. Around £100,000 of further funding was required.

·       The Neighbourhood Plan was being reviewed and was currently being considered by Wiltshire Council, who would provide further advice.

·       The Bremhill Parish History Group’s award-winning book was now out in paperback. Requests to buy copies could be made to

·       The Neighbourhood County Parish Forum initiative was welcomed and it was confirmed that Bremhill Parish Council would be attending the first event on 17 April.

·       It was requested that briefing updates from Wiltshire Council were sent by the sixth of each month in time for the parish newsletter. 


In response to concerns about the withdrawal of funding to Visit Wiltshire by Wiltshire Council, it was confirmed that an update had been sent to parish clerks. Cllr Tom Rounds explained that efforts to promote tourism would be run in-house by Wiltshire Council.


Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan


Alan Hill from Calne Town Council noted that a Reg 14 Notice was now out for consultation. He encouraged individuals in the local area to complete the survey online. In addition to the online consultation there would be a series of in-person events held including at Calne Library, Calne Town Hall and the Lansdowne Hall. Further details were available in Agenda Supplement 1.


Calne Without Parish Council


John Barnes reported that 137 free trees had been given out to residents to plant around the parish and that funding had been approved for seven defibrillators. He was pleased to note that the footpath near the Millenium Bridge had been restored with the steps being replaced on each side of the embankment. Attention was also drawn to an application by the British Horse Society to reinstate a restricted byway, which was made in error. Assistance was requested from the Area Board to try to ensure that the application was withdrawn to avoid it going through a very lengthy determination process. The Chairman noted that they would follow up the issue and make enquiries.


Cherhill Parish Council


Andrew Sadler-Smith gave an update about the Lansdowne Monument. He explained that he had written to the National Trust and had received a reply from their Assistant Director. He reported that an architectural review had taken place within the last year, to investigate the options for repairing the monument. He invited ideas from attendees about how to take the project forward. Glenis Ansell offered advice about who to contact.


The Area Board welcomed efforts to renovate the monument and said that the members would hold further discussions.


Dave Grafton gave an update on the Cherhill White Horse, explaining that they had managed to source some chalk from outside of the county for the refurbishment works, which were due to begin in May. Alan Hill from Calne Town Council commended Cherhill Parish Council for their hard work. Andrew Sadler-Smith stated that anyone was welcome to volunteer and noted that they had had 12 the last time they cleaned the White Horse including six from outside of the parish.


Heddington Parish Council


It was reported that they had experienced flooding since the previous meeting.


Hilmarton Parish Council


Shawn Warren-Wilcox noted that they had agreed to install posts for four Speed Indicator Devices. Discussions were ongoing about where to install the posts and whether they would be Hilmarton or Goatacre.


Older Person’s Champion


Diane Gooch, the Area Board’s Older Person’s Champion, gave an update including news that:


·       A series of events were being held for Calne Reconnecting Group including a pantomime and swing band.

·       Dementia awareness sessions were being promoted as part of Dementia Friendly Calne and Calne Town Council had signed up as being dementia friendly.

·       A consultation was being undertaken by the Integrated Care Board about the withdrawal of the Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) Service.

·       A new hospital discharge service, Caring Steps Together, was being drawn up and she suggested that the Area Board might like to invite someone to talk about it.

·       Discussions had been taking place with Avon Needs Trees about holding events in Pudding Brook Wood, although this would be dependent on level access.

·       Discussions were ongoing with Celebrating Age about holding garden concerts for older people. 


Calne Health and Social Care Forum


Alison Ingham reported that a Health and Wellbeing Day was being planned for 14 September and that a marquee had been booked. She thanked Diane Gooch and the Area Board for supporting the event. The Area Board then gave a round of applause for Diane to thank her for her work in the community.


Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue


Tom Burns from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue was in attendance. It was noted that there was a video online with news about their recent activity. 

Supporting documents: