Agenda item

Partner Updates

To note the written reports and receive any updates from the following:


·       Wiltshire Police

·       Child Friendly Trowbridge

·       Trowbridge Future

·       Town and Parish Councils Nominated Representatives


Town and Parish Councils Nominated Representatives are encouraged to attend the meeting and provide an update on issues and successes arising in their respective areas.


Updates were received from the following partners:


·       Wiltshire Police

The Area Board noted written updates attached to the agenda. In addition, Inspector Andy Lemon provided a verbal update which covered the following points:

·       It was noted that when the Chief Constable previously attended an Area Board meeting, she had drawn reference to a change of target operating model for response policing, which had now come into effect in January. This included new shift patterns and response teams being under different line managers.

·       It was stated that the Community Commitment document produced by the Chief Constable would be shared with Members and explained at a future Town Council meeting.

·       An overview of Crime Exceptions in the Trowbridge Area was provided as per the report within the agenda pack.

·       Neighbourhood policing team stats were provided for February.

·       Local priorities for Trowbridge were outlined including reference to a Facebook Live event, arrests which had taken place and anti-social behaviour on College Road and Castle Place Multi-storey car park.


After the verbal update, there was time for the following questions and points to be made:

·       Clarity was provided that the smashed window which had occurred in Trowbridge was committed by a different individual to those who had committed offences in Melksham.

·       Feedback was provided that there was appreciation for the brand which Inspector Lemon was building through community visits, with residents feeling as though they could approach the police.

·       Reference was made to a PCC Safer Streets Scheme update, which had outlined that Trowbridge was labelled as a project to have street wardens funded for a year. There had been surprise regarding this and that it was suggested that it would have been preferred that the funding have been spent on enhancing CCTV like in Chippenham.

·       Gratitude was placed towards the police who had assisted Cllr Kirk with a break in relating to his shop in Melksham.

·       Reference was made to drug dealing in St James Church Yard, to which Inspector Lemon noted that this was a problem that the police are working to resolve through orientated policing with someone brought in centrally to help scan and analyse the information before devising a response as well as how partners might be able to help. The best way of dealing with this would be covertly rather than in an overt fashion as those involved would see the police team coming. It was stated that it would be important to resolve this with local residents reporting that they had not felt safe to walk home from work.

·       Inspector Lemon made reference to how hotel checks had recently taken place locally in order to test booking in procedures focused on youth criminal exploitation, sexual exploitation and county lines. It was noted that last summer hotels had signed up for this initiative, however the checks had not produced a positive response using an adult male police officer and 16-year-old cadet. Comms would therefore be produced to reinforce the procedures.


Action: It was agreed that Trowbridge Area Board would write to the PCC regarding the Safer Streets Scheme update and the street wardens project.


·       Child Friendly Trowbridge

The Area Board received the following verbal update from Cllr Jo Trigg, which covered the following points:

·       The group had its regular meeting on Monday, which was attended by Liam Cripps and representatives from Youth for Christ, Mighty Girls CIC and Selwood Housing.

·       The group is continuing to look at more work can be done to involve the voices of young people in the town.

·       Comms are going out to local schools and the college to pull together strands of work from their youth councils.

·       Scrutiny work is taking place with the Youth Partnership Trust.


·       Trowbridge Future

The Area Board received the following verbal update from Cllr Jo Trigg, which covered the following points:

·       The group’s new Mill Street premises have now opened, and Child Friendly Trowbridge had a meeting there, with other connected groups able to use the facility.

·       The group is continuing to look at ways to include large numbers of young people compared to what they were previously able to do in their smaller premises.


·       Town and Parish Council Nominated Representative

The Area Board received the following verbal update from Cllr Roger Evans on behalf of North Bradley Parish Council. The update covered the following matters:

·       Things are progressing with the Parish Council as normal with 12 meetings per year.

·       There have been three changes with new Councillors due to a death and two Councillors experiencing sickness.

·       The main items currently being investigated are the flooding in Yarnbrook and emergency hubs.

·       The Parish Council is currently dealing with the neighbourhood plan review with a consultation having taken place over the last month with the results now being analysed ahead of a meeting next week to make further progress.

·       The Parish Council has a good relationship with the two village halls in its area with these halls being private enterprises, though the Parish Council does support them as and when required.

·       Clarity was provided on the way that the Parish Council distributes its money, with each approach being decided on merits and that there had been a surplus of money last year which was used as donations.

·       Regarding the flooding in Yarnbook, a plea was made for Wiltshire Council to chase up farmers and landowners who had not done much to clean out their gullies.


Action: For Councillor Nic Puntis, Portfolio Holder for Flooding, to be contacted and invited to a future Area Board meeting.

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