Agenda item

Annual Appointment of Committees

a)    Appointment of committees and review of allocation of seats on Committees to political groups;


b)    Appointment of Members to Committees, Area Boards, and to the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Authority and any other bodies;


c)    Appointment of Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of Committees.


The Chairman drew attention to the allocations report included in the Summons and the composite appointments motion included in the Agenda Supplement. It was noted that a proposal for allocation of seats on committees to individual Members in accordance with the proposed schedule of committee places had been circulated to all Members. This had been prepared following discussion with Group Leaders and would be attached with the minutes.


Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, proposed the composite appointments motion. This was seconded by Cllr Laura Mayes.


Group Leaders were provided opportunity to make any final changes within the proposed schedule of committee places, to update the circulated allocations.

The item was then opened to general debate.


Cllr Edward Kirk proposed an amendment, seconded by Cllr Ernie Clark. At present he was a Member of the Western Area Planning Committee. Following his leaving the Conservative Group he now sat as an ungrouped Member, and the proposed schedule removed him from that Committee as the seat had been previously and was now allocated to the Conservative Group. He proposed that the schedule be amended to retain the committee place he currently occupied. The effect of the amendment would be the Conservative Group would lose an allocated seat on the Committee.


Group Leaders were provided opportunity to comment. Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, confirmed he did not accept the amendment as part of the composite motion. Cllr Ian Thorn, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, had no comment. Cllr Ernie Clark, Leader of the Independent Group wondered whether the amendment would impact overall political balance but noted that planning committees did not in any case decide matters politically. Cllr Ricky Rogers, Leader of the Labour Group, expressed support for the amendment.


In debate comments in support of the amendment included supporting the integrity of the ungrouped member, and that the council had in the past allocated seats on committees to ungrouped members and though the two places which had been so reserved had not been accepted accommodation could be made within acceptable limits.


A comment in opposition to the amendment was the view that the council had a legal duty to give effect the views of group leaders as it applied to appointment onto committees.


At conclusion of the discussion Cllr Kirk criticised what he saw as his removal from the committee.


To conclude the debate as mover of the original motion Cllr Richard Clewer noted that Cllr Kirk had been offered two committee places on a proportional basis in accordance with previous practice, which Cllr Kirk had chosen not to accept, and that there were many others who wished to sit on the Western Area Planning Committee.


There was then a vote on the amendment. A recorded vote having been requested by the requisite number of Members, the result was as follows:


Votes for the amendment (36)

Votes against the amendment (47)

Votes in abstention (4)


Details of the recorded vote are attached to these minutes.


There being no further comments in debate, the meeting proceeded to vote on the original composite appointments motion, and it was,




The Council:

a)    Noted the report and the legal requirements.

b)   Re-appointed the following committees with the terms of reference as set out in the Constitution:

·         Strategic Planning Committee

·         Area Planning Committees: Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western

·         Licensing Committee

·         Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee

·         Children’s Select Committee

·         Environment Select Committee

·         Health Select Committee

·         Standards Committee

·         Audit and Governance Committee

·         Staffing Policy Committee

·         Officer Appointments Committee

·         Electoral Review Committee

·         Appeals Committee

·         Wiltshire Police and Crime Panel (joint with Swindon Borough Council)

·         Wiltshire Pension Fund Committee (joint with Swindon Borough Council)

·         Health and Wellbeing Board


c)    Reappointed those Area Boards, as set out at Item 9a Appendix 1 of the report presented and within the Constitution, to comprise the Unitary Members for that area.


d)   Reappointed the Local Pension Board established under the Public Service Pensions Act 2013 and consequent amendments to the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013. 


e)    Appointed members to the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Authority, in accordance with the guidance set out in this report.   


f)     Delegated the appointment to Outside Bodies (other than those appointed by Leader of the Council or Area Boards) to the Director, Legal and Governance, in consultation with Group Leaders


g)   Approved a scheme of committee places which sets out the number of seats available to members of the Council and to political groups as at Item 9a Appendix 3


h)   Appointed Members to serve on those committees in accordance with the agreed scheme of allocations, until the next occasion membership is reviewed under the provisions of the Local Government & Housing Act 1989 as attached to the minutes.

i)     Appointed substitute members (to a maximum of four per group) to the committees referred to in (b) above.


j)     Appointed those Members representing electoral divisions to their respective Area Boards as set out at Item 9b Appendix 1.


k)    Noted that the following persons remain appointed as non-voting co-opted members of the Standards Committee for the remainder of the council term:


·         Gordon Ball

·         Kathy Barnes

·         Joanne Cetti

·         Julie Phillips


l)     Noted that the following persons remain appointed as Independent Persons for the remainder of the council term:

·         Tony Drew

·         John McAllister

·         Patricia Bunch

m)Noted the following non-elected members of the Children’s Select Committee, with any vacancies able to be filled by the Committee:


Non-Elected Voting Members




Church of England

Dr Mike Thompson


Clifton Diocese Roman Catholic Church


Parent Governor (Secondary- maintained)



Parent Governor (Secondary – academy)



Parent Governor (Special Educational Needs) 



Parent Governor (Primary)


Non-Elected Non-Voting Members



Maisy Humphrey (Sub Declan Kiely) 

School, Children and Young People representatives

Nikki Barnett 

Further Education Representative

Sarah Busby

Secondary Schools Head teacher Representative

Catriona Williamson

Primary School Head teacher Representative

John Hawkins

School Teacher Representative

n)   Noted following co-opted members of the Wiltshire Pension Fund Committee:




(to be confirmed – currently Cllr Vijay Manro)

Swindon Borough Councillor (as determined by Swindon Borough Council)

(to be confirmed – currently Cllr Kevin Small)

Swindon Borough Councillor (as determined by Swindon Borough Council)

Jodie Smart (new ratification)


Employer Representative

Claire Anthony

Employer Representative


Stuart Dark

Scheme Member Observer- appointed by Unison

Mike Pankiewicz

Scheme Member Observer- appointed by Unison


o)   Noted the membership of the Local Pension Board under the Public Service Pensions Act 2013 until the expiry of the 4 year term council term, or from their first appointment.




Mark Spilsbury

Independent Chairman

Karle Read

Scheme Member Representative

Marlene Corbey

Scheme Member Representative

Mike Pankiewicz

Scheme Member Representative

Paul Smith

Employer Member Representative

Laura Fisher

Employer Member Representative

James Nicholson

Employer Member Representative


p)   Noted the following co-opted or other members of the Police and Crime Panel:




To be confirmed – previously Cllr Stanka Adamcova


Swindon Borough Council (as determined by Swindon Borough Council)


To be confirmed – currently Cllr Abdul Amin


Swindon Borough Council (as determined by Swindon Borough Council)


To be confirmed – currently Cllr Sudhi Sri Nukana


Swindon Borough Council (as determined by Swindon Borough Council)


To be confirmed – currently Cllr Vijay Manro


Swindon Borough Council (as determined by Swindon Borough Council)


Louisa Ahmeti

Independent co-optee


Louise Williams

Independent co-optee



q)   Appointed the following 6 members to serve as Council representatives on the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Authority:


Conservative (4)

Liberal Democrat (2)

Independent (0)

Labour (0)

Cllr Pip Ridout

Paul Sample JP



Cllr Dan Cave

Brian Dalton



Cllr Paul Oatway




Cllr Kelvin Nash




r)    To appoint Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the following meetings:




Strategic Planning Committee

Howard Greenman

Christopher Newbury

Northern AreaPlanning Committee

Chuck Berry

Howard Greenman

Eastern AreaPlanning Committee

Philip Whitehead

Paul Oatway

Southern AreaPlanning Committee

Andrew Oliver

Sven Hocking

Western AreaPlanning Committee

Christopher Newbury

Bill Parks

Licensing Committee


Allison Bucknell


PaulOatway QPM

Allison Bucknell

Audit and GovernanceCommittee

Iain Wallis

Stuart Wheeler

Staffing Policy Committee

Stuart Wheeler

 Allison Bucknell

Officer Appointments Committee

Richard Clewer

 Laura Mayes

Wiltshire Pension Fund Committee

Richard Britton

 Committee Appointment

Health and Wellbeing Board(Chairmanonly)

Richard Clewer



s)   To note that the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, Children’s Select Committee, Environment Select Committee, Health Select Committee, the Police and Crime Panel, Electoral Review Committee, and the Area Boards will be asked to elect their respective Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen at their first meeting following the annual meeting of council. The Wiltshire Pension Fund Committee will be asked to elect their Vice-Chairman at the first meeting following the annual meeting of council.


t)    To note that the Appeals Committee does not meet as a formal committee and so no Chairman or Vice-Chairman will be appointed. However, three members who have undergone appropriate training are drawn from its membership to form Appeal Sub-Committees to consider and determine various types of appeals. Each Sub-Committee when convened will elect its own chairman.






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