Meeting documents

Full Council (WWDC)
Wednesday 23 July 2008


Wednesday 23 July 2008, 7.00pm

Council Chamber, Council Offices, Bradley Road, Trowbridge.


1. Apologies

To receive apologies for absence

2. Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of interest from members as appropriate in respect of matters contained in this agenda, in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2000 and the West Wiltshire District Council Code of Conduct

3. Minutes

To approve as a correct record and sign the minutes of the last meeting held on 14 May 2008

4. Announcements from the Chairman

5. Questions from Members of the Public

None received

6. Reports of Committees

7. Notices of Motion

None have been received

8. Questions from Members of the Council

Question from Cllr J Osborn to Cllr Payne

Given that it is apparently no longer within the remit of the Scrutiny Committee can this Full Council meeting please be given the details of the two Ombudsman reports that found against the Council last year?

Were there any other Ombudsman reports that found in favour of the Council?

Question from Cllr Clark to Cllr Payne

Has the administration any intention of reducing the deadline for receipt of questions for full council meetings from the  current (ridiculous) timescale?

9. Representatives on Outside Bodies - Reporting Back

Verbal updates

10. Appointment of Committees

View report (PDF, new window)

11. Update on Local Government Reorganisation

Verbal update

12. Cabinet Forward Workplan

View (PDF, new window)

13. Urgent Departure Decisions - Reporting Back

In accordance with Paragraph 8 (d) of the Executive Procedure Rules, to report to any Council any urgent departure decsions taken. At the time of publishing this agenda, no such decisions had been made