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Decision details

L-06-21: Cabinet 27 September 2021

Decision Maker: Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Military-Civilian Integration, Economic Development, Heritage, Arts, Tourism, and Health and Wellbeing

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


This report sets out proposed decisions of Cabinet as first set out for the meeting scheduled on 27 September 2021.


On 24 September 2021 in response to Covid-19 precautions the meeting scheduled above was amended to be an online meeting.


This report seeks a decision from the Leader of the Council to confirm decisions for the reports presented to that meeting.


I approve the following decisions:


Business Plan Principles 2022-2032 (Supplement 1)


(i)              To agree the Business Plan Principles for 2022-2032.

(ii)             To agree to seek feedback from a broad range of stakeholders and residents, in tandem with engagement on the budget proposals for 2022/23

(iii)           To agree to review and incorporate feedback at its meeting on 1 February 2022 in preparation for a final version to be considered at Full Council in February 2022.


Reason: To enable wider feedback ahead of its consideration by Full Council in 2022 and to provide Services with strategic direction ahead of the planning cycle commencing.


Prioritisation of Community Infrastructure Levy Spending (Agenda Pack)


(i)              To approve revisions to the process for prioritising spending of strategic funds raised through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) as set out in Appendix 1.


(ii)             Following approval of (i), to approve the updating of the infrastructure List to remove the Timber Street and A420 Marshfield Road/Dallas Road Safety Schemes and ensure the inclusion of the projects in (iii).


(iii)           Following approval of (ii), to approve the allocation of:


(a)Circa £6.43m CIL funding for Phase 1 expansion of Abbeyfield School.

(b)Up to £1.35m CIL funding for measures to mitigate the impact of recreational pressures on bat habitats associated with the Bath and Bradford on Avon Special Area of Conservation in line with the Trowbridge Bat Mitigation Strategy.

(c)Up to £220,000 CIL funding for measures (visitor surveys and ongoing monitoring) to mitigate the impact of development (recreational pressure) on the Salisbury Plain Special Protection Area.

(d)Up to £750,000 CIL funding for mitigation to reduce and manage recreational impact arising from development on the New Forest Special Protection Area.


(iv)           To delegate authority to the ‘Corporate Director for Place’ in consultation with the ‘Corporate Director for Resources and Deputy Chief Executive’, ‘Cabinet Member for Development Management, Strategic Planning and Climate Change’ and ‘Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement, Commissioning, IT, Digital and Commercialisation’ to oversee the funding allocated in (iii) and to approve any variances.


(v)             To agree that further work be undertaken by the Corporate Director for Place in consultation with the ‘Corporate Director for Resources and Deputy Chief Executive’, ‘Cabinet Member for Development Management, Strategic Planning and Climate Change’ and ‘Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement, Commissioning, IT, Digital and Commercialisation’ to consider how the strategic fund can be used, in accordance with the CIL legislation, to align delivery of projects with the Council’s budget setting process and the Council’s new Business Plan.


Reason: To assist with the effective operation of CIL and ensure open and transparent decision making in the allocation of strategic funds; as well as ensuring that strategic funds are committed to securing mitigation measures for internationally important wildlife sites and support plan-led growth.


Stone Circle Governance Review (Supplement 1)


(i)              To adopt and commit to implementing the recommendations of the governance review over the next 12 months.


(ii)             To request the companies to create Business Plans with greater detail including market analysis, risks, sensitivity, performance and forecasting to be presented to Cabinet at a future meeting.


(iii)           To agree to create a sub-committee called the Stone Circle Shareholder Group chaired by the Leader with two other Cabinet Members and the option to co-opt external expertise and delegates to the Director of Legal & Governance in consultation with the Leader to make the necessary arrangements and Constitutional amendments.


(iv)           To agree that the Articles of Association of the Stone Circle companies be amended to include a 3 year maximum term for the Chairman of its boards.


(v)             To request the Stone Circle companies to provide quarterly reporting to the Council with reports shared with Corporate Leadership Team, Scrutiny and the Stone Circle Shareholder Group starting from January 2022 and to produce its accounts to the Audit and Governance Committee from 2022.


(vi)           To delegate to the Corporate Director of Resources in consultation with the Leader the recruitment and appointment of new non-executive board directors and officer director to replace current members of the Stone Circle companies and to take all further necessary steps to complete this.


(vii)          Subject to agreeing the above recommendations to agree the revised Stone Circle Housing company business plan as submitted to Cabinet at its meeting in February 2021 such that individual acquisition budgets are increased.


Reason: To give effect to the recommendations contained in the Governance Review of Stone Circle companies which provides best practice advice, academic sources and other local government learning on the governance and commercial success of council owned companies.


Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ARCS) and Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) Scheme (Supplement 2)


To approve:

a) The offer to Government of Wiltshire’s commitment to house 20
households in long term settlement through the ACRS and ARAP

b) The acceptance to receive funding of £20,520 per person over the 3 year duration of the scheme, with an estimated total value of

c) The acceptance of additional funding in the first year only of up to £4,500 per child and £850 per adult for Education and English
Language respectively as well as £2,600 per person for Health;

d) The £28 per person per night funding to provide the wrap around
required to support citizens at the bridging hotel within

e) The acceptance of funding provided by the Afghan housing costs fund.


Reason: In line with the Councils constitution, to allow the acceptance of funding associated with the offer to resettle, long term, up to 20 households through the ACRS as well as the wrap around funding to support those citizens in the bridging hotel


These decisions were published on 5 October 2021 and will come into effect on 13 October 2021.

Reasons for the decision:

To ensure determination of Executive decisions in a timely manner.


Alternative options considered:

Since a formal meeting did not take place it is considered that determination by the Leader ensures timely and transparent decision-making with appropriate input from Members and the Public


An alternative option would be to delay a decision until a further formal meeting could be arranged. However, this would not be a timely method of determination.


Each decision will be considered on its merits and in light of any representations received during the 5 days period from publication of this intention and taking account of any views raised during the informal meeting on 27 September 2021, including those of the Cabinet Members.

Other reasons / organisations consulted

The Leader will make funding decisions following discussion at an informal meeting of Cabinet on 27 September 2021. All items were detailed within the agenda pack and supplementary agendas published between 17 September 2021 and 24 September 2021. Members of the Council and the public were able to make representations for the meeting scheduled for 27 September 2021. Further on the reports will be provided to the Leader.

Contact: Terence Herbert, Chief Executive; Perry Holmes, Director of Legal and Governance.

Publication date: 27/09/2021

Date of decision: 05/10/2021

Effective from: 13/10/2021

Accompanying Documents:




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