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Future High Street Fund - Trowbridge Town Hall Refurbishment and Asset Transfer

Meeting: 27/09/2022 - Cabinet (Item 87)

87 Future High Street Fund - Trowbridge Town Hall Refurbishment and Asset Transfer

Report of the Chief Executive


Supporting documents:


Councillor Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, introduced the report which provided details on progress of a scheme of works to refurbish Trowbridge Town Hall, with funding allocated from the Future High Streets Fund for Trowbridge, and to confirm Trowbridge Town Hall Trust Ltd as the preferred end user and operator.


There being no further comments, it was then,




That Cabinet:


1)    Notes the outcome of the scoping exercises and feasibility studies which have led to the outline designs and forecast costs for the refurbishment and reconfiguration of Trowbridge Town Hall and, subject to a deliverable scheme being achieved within the funding available from FHSF;


2)    Confirms Trowbridge Town Hall Trust Ltd. (company registration number 08142832 and charity registration number 1157058) (“TTHT”) as the end-user and operator of Trowbridge Town Hall, once refurbishment has been completed, subject to ongoing due diligence.


3)    Confirms that upon completion of the refurbishment, Trowbridge Town Hall should be let to TTHT on the basis of a 125 year lease.


4)    Delegates authority to the Director of Assets and Commercial Development (in consultation with Solicitor to the Council) to authorise the entering into a collaboration agreement and agreement for lease, and the grant the long lease, pursuant to the agreement for lease.


Reason for Decision


Trowbridge Town Hall (“the Town Hall) is in urgent need of modernisation and
repair to enable a sustainable legacy and maximise use of all the available spaces within.

Significant refurbishment is required in the short term to prevent the Town Hall from becoming completely unusable, within the next 5-10 years, which would lead to further disintegration of not only this extremely valuable community asset, but of the high street upon which it prominently sits.

Once refurbished, the Town Hall would have greater capacity to organise events and provide a varied offer for community events, live music, arts festivals, meetings, cinema, theatre, youth clubs, business support, workspace, training and education, whilst ensuring use of the building remains financially sustainable.

Modernising the Town Hall will reduce the on-going revenue and maintenance
costs and ensure its long-term sustainability.

TTHT, as existing occupiers and operators of the Town Hall are seen as the best fit for facilitating the future sustainable use of the Town Hall.
TTHT will be subject to full challenge throughout the period leading up to the grant of lease to ensure it continues to be a fit organisation to take over the use and maintenance of the Town Hall as a community asset.

A long lease is seen as the best method of achieving the outcomes outlined for the Town Hall.




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