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Q1 Corporate Performance

Meeting: 27/09/2022 - Cabinet (Item 81)

81 Council Performance and Risk – Quarter One Monitoring

Report of the Chief Executive


Supporting documents:


Councillor Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, introduced the report which provided an update on performance against the stated missions in the Council’s Business Plan 2022-32, its strategic risks, and proposed future developments.


He noted that performance boards monitoring risk and performance received significantly more detail and data than the summarising report. He noted that the monitoring would evolve over time, as improved metrics emerged, and commented on the detailed risk register, setting out mitigations wherever possible. He drew attention to scorecard reporting including on residual waste rates.


Councillor Ian Thorn raised some questions and comments including on how specific targets were set for instance for educational gaps in relation to phonics, how the percentage of physically active adults was calculated, and welcoming the risk register including details of emerging risks such as arising from a new government.


Councillor Clare Cape asked whether longer time series would be appropriate for some metrics, and impacts on services such as issuing of bus passes from staff retention and recruitment.


Councillor Caroline Thomas also made a comment about whether some key risks and progress on them could be reflected within the performance dashboard, such as on the 5 year housing land supply.


The Leader and Cabinet Members responded to the comments, including ongoing discussion on which metrics could be included, and a judgement  call on how much of a timeframe would be useful for particular metrics


At the conclusion of discussion, it was then,




That Cabinet note the updates and outturns:


a)    Against the measures and activities ascribed against the Council’s priorities and that targets for the measures will be included in the quarter two performance report.


b)    To the Strategic Risk Register, issues and emerging risks.


Reason for Decision


To provide Cabinet with a quarterly update on the current performance
framework, which is compiled of the measures used to monitor progress against the 10 missions laid out in Wiltshire Council’s Business Plan 2022-32.

The Strategic Risk Summary captures and monitors significant risks facing the
Council, in relation to significant in-service risks facing individual areas and in
managing its business across the authority.

This is supported by, and in compliance with, the Council’s Corporate Performance and Risk Policy

Meeting: 20/09/2022 - Environment Select Committee (Item 127)

127 Council Performance and Risk – Quarter One Monitoring

A report to Cabinet (13 September 2022) on the latest corporate scorecard and progress toward the council’s business plan outcomes. The select committee will consider areas relevant to its remit.


Supporting documents:


Councillor Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, presented a report updating on performance against the stated missions in the Council’s Business Plan 2022-32, its strategic risks and proposed future developments.


The Leader emphasised that targets needed to be meaningful and achievable, with metrics likely to evolve over time, and noted the extent of reporting information sitting behind the overview report being presented. Attention was drawn to the risk register, and progress achieved in identifying mitigation measures.


The Committee discussed the report. Comments were received on climate change risk, with a response that climate impacts upon a variety of other risks and performance measures, with the chart ranked by highest risks.


Other subjects raised included neighbourhood plan referendum turnout, residual waste and the housing register.


At the conclusion of discussion, it was,




That the Committee:


1)    Notes the reports;


2)    Agrees to receive the Q2 monitoring report in due course.