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Pathway Two Bed Tender

Meeting: 13/12/2022 - Cabinet (Item 123)

123 Pathway Two Bed Tender

      Report of the Chief Executive


Supporting documents:


Cllr Jane Davies Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, SEND, Transition and Inclusion presented a report detailing proposals  for the procurement of Pathway 2 bed capacity on the Wiltshire Care Homes Alliance platform.


Cllr Davies explained the rationale for purchasing new block contracts for the provision of bedding pathway 2 hospital discharge beds and reported that the service will be provided under a new hub model currently being piloted in the south of the county.  It was noted that the number of beds currently available under Pathway 2 are managed through block contracts which will end on 31 March 2023.


Cllr Christopher Williams, Vice-Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, speaking on behalf of Cllr Johnny Kidney, Chairman of the Health Select Committee, confirmed that a detailed briefing was arranged for the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Select Committee on 30 November 2022. They were fully satisfied with the proposals and the rationale behind them. They were also happy that there were no financial implications that required dedicated financial scrutiny.


Cllr Ian Thorn commented on initial feedback received following the start of the pilot hub model and the number of days involved in the length of stay. In response officers explained that feedback from staff and patients had been positive, and since the pandemic a different criteria was being employed to asses individual needs with teams embedded in hospitals to ensure appropriate care is provided.


Cllr Clare Cape commented on culture change. In response Cllr Davies and the Leader noted how officers were doing more in this area and that each hospital had its own culture. The key aim being patients, when it is appropriate, should be supported at home.   




  1. That a competition is conducted under the Wiltshire Care Home Alliance to award contracts for the provision of pathway 2 beds in accordance with the indicative timeline in this report, to establish contacts commencing on 1st April 2023.


  1. To delegate authority to make decisions connected with the procurement and award new contracts and all associated documents to the Director Procurement & Commissioning, in consultation with the Cabinet member for Adult Social Care, SEND, Transition and Inclusion.



Reason for decision:


1. The Council’s current arrangements for ‘discharge to assess’ and  ‘intensive rehabilitation’ beds finish on 31st March 2023.


2. The recent pandemic and national changes to hospital discharges has resulted in a model of delivery that is neither the best fit for patients nor financially sustainable.


3. There will continue to be a need for pathway 2 beds, which support residents in gaining their independence following a hospital admission. The ceasing of current contracts provides an opportunity to act on the recent pathway 2 review and create a more efficient, cost-effective and outcomes-based model in Wiltshire.


4. The beds will be funded by an existing Better Care Fund (BCF) budget