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Minor Amendments to the Council's Allocation Policy

Meeting: 31/01/2023 - Cabinet (Item 14)

14 Minor Amendments to the Councils Allocation Policy

      Report of the Chief Executive


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Councillor Phil Alford, Cabinet Member for Housing, Strategic Assets, and Asset Transfer, presented a report detailing minor amendments to the allocation policy ahead of a full policy review taking place later in 2023.


Amendments included to place former children in care within Priority Band 1 up to the age of 25, for any application who was a current social housing tenants under-occupying by one or more bedrooms to be awarded Band 1 status, to enable households owed the homeless relief duties to be placed in the exclusion group, and to adjust wording regarding suspension from the housing register.


The Cabinet noted the need to be careful when making any adjustments to allocation policy, and commended the proposals as reasonable, highlighting the importance of commitment to care leavers. It was confirmed the allocations policy was receiving a full revie win 2023.


Councillor Bob Jones MBE made a comment in support of the amendments.


Councillor Ian Thorn welcomed the report and raised queries on limited availability of larger properties.


At the conclusion of discussion, it was then,




To make the following amendments to the allocation policy:


1)    Care Experienced Young People


For all Wiltshire care experienced young people , who are either relevant children or former relevant children to whom the Council owes duties under the Children Act 1989 (as amended), up to the age of 25:


·       to be awarded Priority Band 1 status when it is confirmed that they are ready to move on into independent accommodation. In each case, a joint assessment of the care experienced young persons ability to live independently under their Pathway Plan will have been performed by Children’s Services and Housing, with an independent living assessment agreed with the care experienced young person for prospective landlords. Where the care experienced young person has a tenancy with the council or a private registered provider, and their housing circumstances mean that they have a housing need under this policy, a further housing application will be treated in the same way as the application of another transfer applicant; and


·       to be provided with an automatic local connection to Wiltshire as the Council are their corporate parents and the care experienced young person should always have a connection to Wiltshire. This would be an extension of the exclusion group contained within the existing allocation policy.


2)    Under Occupation


For any applicant who is a current social housing tenant within the Wiltshire Council area who is under- occupying by one or more bedrooms to be awarded Band 1 status to make homes more affordable, to help free up larger homes and make best use of our social housing stock.


3)    Homeless Relief Duty


To enable households owed the homeless relief duties to be placed in the exclusion group.


4)    Removal of suspension following a verbal offer of accommodation


To substitute the wording within paragraphs 4.12 of the policy to confirm that suspension from the housing register will only occur when a formal offer of accommodation has been made via email  ...  view the full minutes text for item 14