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Issue - meetings

Q3 Performance and Risk

Meeting: 31/01/2023 - Cabinet (Item 10)

10 Q3 Performance and Risk

Report of the Chief Executive


Supporting documents:


Councillor Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council presented a report which provided an update on performance against the stated missions in the Council’s Business Plan 2022-32 for quarter three, along with a summary of strategic risk.


The Leader explained that the report provided the current corporate performance framework, with measures used to monitor progress against the 10 missions detailed in the Council’s current Business Plan. The Strategic Risk Summary captured and monitored significant risks facing the Council  in relation to in-service risks facing individual areas and in managing its business across the authority. He continued to note that the targets were flexible and would evolve over time, and so additional measures would continue to be added where these added value.


Councillor Graham Wright, Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee, reported that the Management Committee considered the report at their meeting on 24 January 2023 and that the Select Committees would continue to review performance measures relevant to their service areas.


Councillor Ian Thorn stated the report was improving from an already positive position and would be very useful in monitoring deliverance of the Business Plan. He sought details on how measures monitoring physical activity were compiled, and it was stated this was from survey date from Sports England. The difficulty in developing useful performance metrics for some issues was discussed. He also asked whether it Area Board Chairs or Council could receive the report in future. The Leader stated it was intended he would update Area Board Chairs and possibly Council.


Councillor Gavin Grant asked about specific metrics looking at the impacts of Covid-19, with it being stated that the impact could be seen in some measures such as education gap in phonics, but its impacts were wide ranging and not covered by a particular metric.


At the conclusion of discussion, it was,




That Cabinet:


1)    Note the updates and outturns against the measures and activities ascribed against the Council’s priorities and agree the initial targets.


2)    Observe the Strategic Risk Summary.


Reasons for decision:


To provide Cabinet with a quarterly update on the current corporate performance framework, which is compiled of the measures used to monitor progress against the 10 missions laid out in Wiltshire Council’s Business Plan 2022-32.


New measures and details of those being developed are also included, both within the scorecard and in the report commentary.


The Strategic Risk Summary captures and monitors significant risks facing the Council, in relation to in-service risks facing individual areas and in managing its business across the authority.


This is supported by, and in compliance with, the Council’s Corporate Performance and Risk Policy.






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