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Performance and Risk Report 2023-23 Q2

Meeting: 14/11/2023 - Cabinet (Item 98)

98 Corporate Performance and Risk Monitoring Report: Q2 2023/24

To receive a report from the Chief Executive.

Supporting documents:


Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, introduced a report on measures of performance using data available at the ned of the second quarter of the year up through September 2023, in order to assess progress against the goals of the council’s Business Plan.


It was also noted some risks related to national financial issues which the council had little ability to address. It was also stated during the meeting that some of the data was regional or national and provided on an annual basis, so not all the performance data related to the same data periods, and other information was based on surveys or equivalent methods.


Councillor Ian Thorn welcomed the report, and sought additional details on educational gap data. Councillor Laura Mayes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children, Education, and Skills, stated work was undertaken to help bring schools together to improve outcomes, facilitating cross-academy cooperation and task groups on specific themes, but it was a challenge to engage with all schools.


Cllr Gordon King drew attention to an increase in admission of working aged adults in residential care and increasing demand for social and affordable housing. The Leader noted programmes in place relating to residential care, and a slowdown in the housing market leading to less delivery, but the council able to control its own building programme.


Councillor Richard Budden sought clarification regarding carbon emissions relating to energy from waste facilities. Councillor Nick Holder, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, stated the climate team undertook work to assess overall emissions on waste services procured by the council, with further detail to be provided under the Waste Services Delivery Plan item.


At the conclusion of discussion, it was then,




Cabinet noted and agreed

1)    The updates and outturns against the measures and activities mapped against the Council’s priorities.?


2)    The Strategic Risk Summary


Reasons for Decision

To provide Cabinet with a quarterly update on the current corporate performance framework, which is compiled of the measures used to monitor progress against the 10 missions laid out in Wiltshire Council’s Business Plan 2022-32.


The Strategic Risk Summary captures and monitors significant risks facing the Council, in relation to in-service risks facing individual areas and in managing its business across the authority.


This is supported by, and in compliance with, the Council’s Corporate Performance and Risk Policy.