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Safer Streets Project Report

Meeting: 11/09/2023 - Devizes Area Board (Item 39)

Safer Streets Project Report

To receive a report from Jane Murray following the conclusion of the Safer Streets Project.


The Area Board received a report from Jane Murray following the conclusion of the Safer Streets Project. The following points were covered during the item:

·       The Safer Streets project was a Home Office initiative which Wiltshire had place a bid towards part of a multi-agency project, with the main themes identified as being violence against women and girls, early intervention and anti-social behaviour.

·       Devizes had been chosen for the project due to information from the Police and local voices.

·       The work looked to identify objectives, consider what had already been done as well as what was known about the community, who’s voices needed to be heard and how to hear them.

·       An overview of interventions and progress was provided, including but not limited to:

o   Installation of additional CCTV cameras

o   Bystander intervention training and community mediation workshops

o   Parent mentors and parenting support

o   Diversionary activities such as a pop-up youth café.

·       The next steps for the project were outlined, with an evaluation session set to take place with a report to follow, with the learning set to be shared with the Devizes Area Board and Town Council.


After the verbal update, there was time for the following questions and points to be made:

·       Jane Murray was thanked for her efforts and contributions towards the project.

·       Regarding the Bystander Intervention training, it was suggested that though it had not been well taken up, it would be rerun and potentially renamed as the work had been commissioned.

·       It was confirmed that for the next phase funding would be directed from the PCC office, however it was not certain if Devizes would receive any money.